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    SS Admiral Forever........

    I watched the little video of the MV Luhr pulling out the boat. It would have been REAL NICE if instead of the horn blasts they used if for one last time they would have sounded the three short blasts the Admiral used when it backed away from the wharfboat. But no. As far as I am concerned the Admiral went away in 1980 (circa) when they removed the Cummins diesel
    engines. Then they killed it for good in 1985 when Six Flags ripped huge holes in the side for entrance. What a folly that was. Since then it has been only a floating hunk of metal that suffered various indignities like the fire in January of this year and the time it was knocked loose of its moorings in 199? or 200?. This was like putting a much loved but sick dog to sleep to put it out of its misery.

    A newspaper columnist in Belleville wrote that "Admiral finds new life as scrap."
    I should write back and ask him if "Betty Ford finds new life as a corpse."
    Stupid. More indignities to a once proud boat.

    SS Admiral - Forever


      4- Barrel Whistle

      To hear the whistle once more....go to the part of this website that has sounds of the whistle and the calliope. Enjoy.


        Luhr Brothers

        Luhr Brothers has quite an extensive operation there and lots of heavy equipment to do whatever they want. When the Alton locks were being re-done, they got the railroad bridge and floated it downstream and use it as a ramp to walk from the upper level at Luhr Bros down to the area where the boats being repaired and serviced are docked. They have a whole yard where there are screws (propellers) sitting awaiting installation on other vessels.....
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          In the interest of historical accuracy the M/V Michael Luhr used the appropriate four short blast "whistle" signals albeit by airhorn for departing the Theater Barge and then backing down through the Missouri span of the Eads Bridge.

          The Diesel Engines installed on the Admiral to replace steam were Caterpillar products. [The diesel engines installed in the President were General Motors products].


            Caterpillar Diesels

            >>>Michael Luhr used the appropriate four short blast "whistle" signals<<<

            That they did....that they did do<<<<<

            You know, I would have sworn that the engines were caterpillars too.....until I visited a man who worked for Cummins (then retired) and claimed their company sold them to Streckfus. Also, he claimed that Cummins had to come back out and remove the engines because of non-payment. Other than what he told he, I cannot validate any of this information. He died a couple of months ago.

            Not that it really matters anymore. It's gone....and this time forever.
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              ADMIRAL in Waterways Journal

              The July 25th issue of The Waterways Journal just arrived and contains a lengthy editorial and another article, with a color picture, concerning the final journey of the ADMIRAL. Capt. Alan Bates' old boat column in this issue of the WJ is a most interesting photo and historical account of the Streckfus steamer SAINT PAUL/SENATOR.

              I checked the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website and there are numerous, and very sad, images of the ADMIRAL being torn apart at Columbia, Illinois. They certainly have wasted no time in dismantling her. According to the news accounts, it still remains to be seen as to what will be done with the ALBATROSS hull.


                Admiral Photos

                I checked the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website and there are numerous, and very sad, images of the ADMIRAL being torn apart at Columbia, Illinois. They certainly have wasted no time in dismantling her. According to the news accounts, it still remains to be seen as to what will be done with the ALBATROSS hull.


                Can you post a link to the photos?




                  ADMIRAL photos


                  Probably the best way to see ALL of the photos and articles from the past week or so is to first go to St. Louis Sports, News, Jobs, Classifieds, Entertainment & Weather and then type ADMIRAL into the search box. Scroll down and there are numerous images and articles -- and even some videos of the boat being towed away from the St. Louis riverfront.

                  Hope this helps!


                    Still Visible for a little while

                    If you go to Cliff Cave Park off Telegraph in South St. Louis County you can
                    still see the the remains of a big silver steamboat * tied up across the river at Luhr Bros. I was surprised at how easy it was to see it.

                    * I refuse to call it the Admiral anymore, after it has been raped and plundered. I looked at some of the pictures of the inside after it had
                    been torn down and saw a white 6-panel door! A 6-panel door in that 71 year old hulk. After 6 Flags and the casino got ahold of it it was definitely ruined for good.


                      Admiral book

                      The local St. Louis newspaper the Post Dispatch has a sale on books including the one they did on the Admiral. It is grouped together with 4 other books for $25, or by itself for I think $17.95. Here is the link:

                      Book Bundle A


                        Admiral videos - from it's final departure

                        Don't know if anyone has seen these stories, but thought I'd share it in case you haven't. Interesting stories. This one This one. And this one.

                        These videos were on KSDK TV last month when she moved.


                          Remnants of the Admiral landing

                          Here's a shot of the Admiral's landing as it sits at Jeffboat. It arrived last week.
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                            The big blue whale

                            I just can't see that monstrosity cluttering up the Jeffersonville waterfront - the barge they now have seems to be proportionately correct for that venue.


                              Yesterday's Madison newspaper said the CVB had rejected the idea of acquiring Jeffersonville's current cityfront barge at scrap value (stated as being $125K-$150K). It apparently needs too much repair work to make it seaworthy.


                                Video of Admiral in its prime days?

                                I wish someone somewhere could share some video of the Admiral sailing under its own power (An extra star for sailing under steam!). I have looked everywhere and there is nothing. Hard to believe that this wonderful vessel has passed from existence with no video left behind.