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    I assume that you mean after her name was changed to GORDON C. GREENE in 1935. I have no idea how many crew or passengers at that time, but the River Library in Cincinnati could probably help. Your answers are on a copy of her Certificate Of Inspection; they just might have the year's COI that you are looking for. Also there are many years of her Purser's Office ledgers and account books located there for perusal.


      *RE: GORDON C. GREENE crew etc.*

      Steamboating colleagues:
      Frank Prudent is correct in narrowing down the years the GORDON ran for the GREENE LINE beginning in 1935 on. 'WAY'S PACKET DIRECTORY' gives a good history overview but no mention of crew compliment. Another interesting account is when the Greene family added the new texas deck, jacked up the pilothouse for added cabins. Granted it added much-needed revenue producing cabins, but some groused it ruined the boat's appearance from her original lines. Bob McCann, veteran GREENE LINE Purser, served aboard the GORDON nearly her entire career.

      Frank mentioned the materials available at the main Cincinnati Public Library formerly known as Rare Books/Inland Rivers Library. Now called 'The Cincinnati Room' named after Joseph Stern, the river collection, photos, ephemera are still preserved. In the GORDON'S last log entry the day she was sold by the GL was penned by Bob McCann with a touching, poetic finality.

      Woody Rutter, retired Editor/President of S&D of Pioneer Rivermen and the REFLECTOR knew the GORDON very well being the son-in-law of Capt. Fred Way. Woody may know more details about her crew. Woody's mail address is: 126 Seneca Drive, Marietta, Ohio 45750. Woody is not on E=Mail. Cheers!

      R. Dale Flick, Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.


        I checked at the Cincinnati Public Library today and from 1935 they did not have a copy of her COI. They did have the boat's navigation log for that year. Volney "Stogie" White was the boat's master most of the regular tourist season. She left Alton Slough on March 28 of that year, flying the Greene Line flag for the first time. Unfortunately, none of the number of souls onboard was listed.

        Down in the Purser's Office the boats passenger registration book was meticulously kept. The Library does have the last of these books from June 10,1950 until her final trip as a Greene Line boat. On October 6 to 8, 1951 there were 106 passengers listed for her final trip as the GORDON C. GREENE which went from Cincinnati to Louisville and back. The largest number of passengers, that I noted, during those two passenger seasons was 171 passenges. More than one stateroom had more than two passengers in it during that two night round trip from Cincinnati from October 14 to 16, 1950.