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MISSISSIPPI QUEEN dismantling 4/26

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    His other one was to yell across the room, "Hey Jazzou (or whoever happened to be the piano player) do you know I have to go to the bathroom?" I would yell back, "No, Chief - what key is it in?" Chief, "The key of pee!" Then he would leave the room and never return. The art of "murphing."


      Originally posted by Frank X. Prudent View Post
      Tom Murphy was known to use that line many times with many different women over his years as Purser on the MQ. I wonder if he ever got slapped.
      That phrase can be expanded, as I found out one night in a rather sleazy motel bar I was working, "FIFTY Dollars? Lady, I don't wanna own you, I just wanna rent you"


        LOL Bob I actually saw him use that on the dance floor in the paddlewheel bar one night on one of my rounds as a watchman. Not sure what became of John Hayes but I very vaguely recall something about him kinda losing it or something and getting either fired or suspended one time while I was off on days. Dick Weber actually got his license a year before Dave did. Dave went and got his during lay-up my first year on the boat. I went for mine with Chug Osborne and Fred C. and Dick was getting his Masters with us. And yes Jazzou those were "OUR" good old days before Robin Street and when they still had the beer machines in the Crew Mess. Michelob for 35 cents a can...ahhhhh those were "our" days.