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FDRs Mississippi River Inspection

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  • Bill Judd
    The Pennimam (T2026) was never involved with FDR's expected river inspection. The Penniman had been bought by Major Spencer Merrill for his Harbor Point Yacht Club at Alton, Illinois. She arrived at Alton under his command and under her own power in 1948. As Spencer Merrills health failed the elavator was installed in 1963 so he might get up to the dining areas on the boiler deck.

    Now the second part of this involves the Str. Ellen (T0724) which was owned by the Corps of Engineer Rock Island Dist. The Str. Ellen was air conditioned and had an elevator installed in 1937-38 to be used for an Upper Miss inspection trip by FDR.
    The trip was cancelled with no reason given and no other trip was ever scheduled.

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  • R. Dale Flick
    *RE: FDR's Mississippi River Inspection*
    Hi, Jeffery,
    Your above inquiry will take some time and digging. I quickly consulted the 'Franklin D. Roosevelt Library' seeing a reference to Roosevelt's 'Inspection Tours' during his presidency along with those wife Eleanor made. A few photos show FDR visiting New Orleans and a W.W. II arsenal plant but, so far, no mention of the boat upon which he traveled. I've yet to click the Library of Congress on such with limited time here at my desk. I would imagine the WATERWAYS JOURNAL would possibly have all and more in their archives and 'morgue' of past issues. Tulane University could also be consulted. I'll keep looking--when I can. Good luck. No doubt others on this web could possibly nail more specific for you. Interesting topic; so keep us informed.

    R. Dale Flick
    Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati - 'Member/Librarian,' Literary Club of Cincinnati.

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  • Jeffrey Williams
    started a topic FDRs Mississippi River Inspection

    FDRs Mississippi River Inspection

    Does anybody happen to know when and where President Franklin Delano Roosevelt took his Mississippi River inspection in the 1940s? I believe he was on the Penniman (now Mamie S. Barrett) in either 1942 or 1945, but have absolutely no provenance at the moment.

    I know the Mamie has the elevator shaft that was created for his visit, and her NPS Nomination lists, "In 1945 the BARRETT carried a group of important officials and dignitaries on an inspection tour of the Mississippi River between Minneapolis and Cairo." (The citation reads: "From information provided by Clyde Wilkes and Leonard Busen, St. Louis District, Army Corps of Engineers.")

    Does anyone have anything concrete or an idea where I can find documentation of this inspection?
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