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NATCHEZ gets major engine work

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    NATCHEZ gets major engine work

    Hey all,

    Saw this little news blurb and thought I would share it. Looks like an overhaul is underway in New Orleans and the last of the Mississippi River steamboats is getting some much needed TLC to keep history alive down there!

    A New Orleans Famous Landmark Gets A Make Over - Video - WDSU New Orleans

    With an overhaul of this proportion...anyone care to bet on her ability to keep up her famous speed records?

    Nice to see some good news, isn't it?


    Looking further I have found another article on about the work being done to the NATCHEZ....enjoy!

    Natchez Engine Gets Overhaul |


      NATCHEZ engine work

      Thanks for posting those links Travis. I can't get the video open, but the pictures are great. In the second pix the caption says that Capt. Steve Nicoulin is on the right. Actually he's way in the back in the blue hooded sweatshirt. Layup was scheduled to end this week I believe, but a week was added since the engine work wasn't completed yet. Yes, Travis, isn't it nice to have some good news about a steamboat? And it is because the NATCHEZ is owned by an individual who knows boats and who cares about her - Bill Dow; and prior to Capt. Bill, Capt. Wilbur; and following him the future Capt. Matt/Bubba.


        Thank you, Judy, for the kind words. I know I have some big shoes to fill, but as long as there's river people like Capt. Nick, Don, Troy, Robbie, Steve Villier, Steve Jr. and everyone else there, running the boat the way it should be, I can see a very good future for the her. As for the speed, we'll still have it, Travis, no worries about that! Hopefully we'll have a chance to prove that again sometime in the near future with the BELLE ;)


          Why, she will probably do even better. Maintenance pays big rewards.

          Several years ago the Belle of Louisville's engines were "hospitalized" in much the same way. They run much better now.