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    Hi Mary,

    I am mostly interested in the Northeast. That's what I know a little bit about. As for riding on steamboats I have only been on two, one on Lake George in NY the other on the connecticut River out of Essex. I have had friends with steam launches with who I have chugged up and down the river.

    I have a very limited collection of books mostly limited to Fulton and his contemporaries. The books images and stories that I have been able to collect have provided me with enough information to create a realatively accurate CAD model of the Fulton boat mentioned elseware. It's been a big challenge and a lot of fun.

    I'll have to Google "Garnerville". I'm not familiar with the name. I live in the Catskill Mountains about 10 miles West of the Hudson in the Kingston, NY area.

    Thanks for your post.



      It was the sound of the Delta Queen's steam whistle and calliope that first made me take notice of steamboats in general. I grew up in the Greater Cincinnati area during the 50s and 60s and had the privilege of hearing this sound on various occasions. It was like no other sound I had ever heard before and I was determined to find its source. Its source turned out to be the Delta Queen, which I discovered during the 60s.

      With the debut of the Mississippi Queen in 1976 I was among the first in line to briefly board her at the Cincinnati Public Landing for a grand tour of the newly built steamboat. By then I was hooked. I took my wife and son to several of the Tall Stacks celebrations during the late 80s through the early 2000s.

      I was particularly attracted to the few whistles occasionally blown on the Anna Marie barge on the KY shore. I was determined to find out who was behind it and contact them. I even tried to arrange for a whistle blow at Tall Stacks with our Steam Whistles group members in 2003 through the Tall Stacks Committee. The committee never so much as wrote me back. I suppose they were more interested in booking the bands than in promoting the voice of the steamboat. I also noticed less emphasis on the Anna Marie barge and her whistles as the years progressed and more on the performing acts.

      I became disappointed and disillusioned during Tall Stacks 2006 to see that it was becoming more of a rock festival than the celebration of riverboats as originally intended.


        Pete, Garnerville is south of West Point--my grandfather graduated from there, and he and my grandmother a both buried there. It's near Haverstraw. I have a framed 1884 map of the town (a line drawing), including the river--and there is a steamboat in the river!


          Festival vs Celebration

          Originally posted by Richard Weisenberger View Post
          I became disappointed and disillusioned during Tall Stacks 2006 to see that it was becoming more of a rock festival than the celebration of riverboats as originally intended.

          It's our misplaced society in gerneral. Everything eventually points towards $$$. A straight "Tall Stacks" draws a focus group. A rock festival draws infinitely more people. Gate fees are higher, sales are considerably higher with all of the junk being sold. Most youth of today don't now how to appreciate things from the past. They have to be entertained.

          On the money issue... Remember when the Christmas Season was between Thanksgiving and Dec 25th? Now the retailers start their Christmas, sorry Holiday sales, from the end of September/early October. Sad!





            My wife and I enjoy leaisuely drives along back roads. We have driven both sides of the Hudson from its source to its effluent. We frequenty drive down RT 9W to West Point for visits and beyond. It's a nice drive in the Fall with Storm King highway and Bear Mountain. I remember driving through Haverstraw but don't recall seeing signs for Garnerville, but then I wasn't looking for it. Next time we're down that way I have to check.

            A couple of years ago we attend a Pete Seeger Clearwater festival at Croton-on-Hudson Park. I didn't realize that it was across the river from Haverstraw until I looked for Garnerville.


              PBS did a nifty special not all that long ago for Pete Seger's Birthday (90th maybe?) which was a real joy to watch; the "stage" being shaped like a sailing vessel, Clearwater of course.

              Don't give in to the PC folks Pete, there are some of us who still wish every Post Office Employee "Merry Christmas" during the Appropriate Season and play "Christmas Music" through 06 January! No happy holidays from this house--it is what it IS.

              Only made one trip on the Alexander Hamilton (1960 I believe) up bound to West Point. Had the distinct pleasure some years ago to meet the author of The Hudson River Day Line--while he was a passenger on the Str. Delta Queen.