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Christopher "Chris" Young 1841-1897 Clerk/Captain

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    Christopher "Chris" Young 1841-1897 Clerk/Captain

    Christopher "Chris" Young was born about 1841 in Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio. He apparently was working as a steamboat clerk in the Belmont County, OH-Wheeling, WV area in the 1850's-1860's and married Mary Elizabeth Clark in Belmont County, OH in 1867. He appears in the 1870 census in Portsmouth, Scioto County, OH (didn't find him in 1880). He died 16April 1897 in Portsmouth, Scioto County, OH. He was listed as a river boat captain.

    I am interested in his career on the river - what boats he was on and when. Also, when he became a captain.



    Chis G Young

    A quick review of Way's Packet Directory,1848-1994 , by Capt Frederick Way, Jr indicated that Chris G Young was a clerk on five boats and a captain on the str Rainbow.

    Streamer.. Build Year.. Position
    Camelia 1863 Clerk
    Mountain Belle 1869 Clerk
    Paris C Brown 1878 Clerk
    Phil Sheridan 1866 Clerk
    Potomac 1865 Clerk
    Rainbow 1879 Captain

    The specifications of each packet and a brief history of its owners, officers, and accomplishments has been compiled by Capt Way. The book is in print and probably available at your local library.

    Have fun.
    Fran Nash


      Chris Young

      Fran: Thank you for the information. This is very helpful. I will definitely find a copy of Nash's work.

      Thanks again



        here is some more boats: in 1878 & 1880 he was clerk on the Paris C. Brown and in the later 1880's he became Master. and an I. M. Young was 2nd clerk. Chris was master when she snagged 1 Jan 1889. He may have been a part owner. In 1889 Chris of Portsmouth bought the Rainbow for $8,000.00 and in early 1890 he sold a half interest to the White Collar line.

        He seems to have owned the ferry boat "Three States: and at one time he leased the steam ferry Music while the Three States was on the docks for repairs. (from Thrills of the Historic Ohio River page 129) Way 5383 has the Three States a steam ferry built in 1873 and operated at Cairo, Illinois to at least 1896.

        The Waterways Journal makes reference to Capt Chris G Young in several issues: 9-16-1893, 8-6-1892, 9-26-1891, 19-15-1892, 9- 23-1893. 4-24-1897, 1-20-1900,
        (from the Waterways Journal Index Potts collection Univ of Mo at St Louis)

        utah riverrat


          Chris Young

          Thanks Carl. As always, very helpful. Paul