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DQ, DK race video from 1928

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    DQ, DK race video from 1928

    I just discovered a silent newsreel clip of a race that appears to show one of the two Deltas in 1938 in a race with the "Port of Stockton" at Stockton, CA. You can watch it here:

    Port of Stockton wins steamboat race in Sacramento, California.

    The description is as follows:
    Two steamboats race and steam come out of chimneys of boats in Sacramento, California. Large number of people on both of the boats cheer. Wheel at the end of a boat. Flags wave on the boats. Port of Stockton wins the race.

    US Government Archive number for this historic video is:
    200 UN 10-680 # 2-4 MPSA

    This is posted on the web site. You may want to search their site for other steamboat clips. Looks like there are several!

    Happy viewing!
    -Jim Herron

    The Port of Stockton (the former Capital City) was the smaller of the two boats, was built in 1910 and sold to the the US government in 1942. She was 220 feet long and of 1142 tones burden. I thought she looked a little familiar and I may have been on her in about 1964. When she lay abandoned in a field in the San Joaquin delta county. A couple of sternwheel boats had been used to force water out of the field after the levee broke, and were later used to house field hands. most or all of the pictures I took are in the Oakland Museum.