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    Off Topic: Robert E. Lee

    Since I am considering building the Chaperon Kit, I thought I would show you the Scientific Robert E. Lee kit I built about 2 years ago.

    I had no problems with the kit.

    Comments, suggestions are welcome.

    Model Ship World :: View topic - New in Gallery - Robert.E.Lee by Gleason

    You have done a beautiful job of assembling this kit. Unfortunately, Scientific did not do a thorough job of research and as a result many details are not correct. The drawings they used were by a man named Boucher, who was a pioneer in this field. Boucher must have gone wild, for he had photographs of three different boats and tried to meld them into one unified whole. The drawings were first published in Model Craftsman in about 1930, which was before Capt. Frederick Way, Jr., did his masterful job of listing boats of the past. In all there were about six or seven boats named Rob't. E. Lee and Robert E. Lee.

    The model comes closest to the Robert E. Lee of 1898, owned by the Lee Line at Memphis. The famous Rob't. E. Lee that ran the race with the Natchez was scrapped in 1878.

    Both Boucher and Scientific are innocent of fraud and did the best they could with what they had to produce this beautiful, but wrong, model.



      Not knowing about the inaccuracies, I worked with what I had...

      Have a good weekend.



        I believe the Boucher that you mention the same one that owned Boucher Models in New York City? I found a copy of a drawing of the "Clermont" in my research. It was copyrighted in 1933. Not drawn by Boucher but his name is on the drawing.

        Boucher Models was bought out by Bluejacket Inc. in Maine.

        Model Ship Kits -- Blue Jacket Shipcrafters, Inc.

        They could not find records of the Drawing or the research done for it. Like your comments I suspect that the drawing has many inaccuracies in it but it is the best that could be done with the information available. The designs of these old boats are in bits and pieces most documented from memory of those who were around them. I believe that most of the boat wrights of the time designed and built on the fly.