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Latest photo of the animated Fulton engine.

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    Latest photo of the animated Fulton engine.

    The latest image of the engine remake.

    This is actually the second model. The first, a prototype, was very basic to check out our design. The second, the presentation unit is taking more time than anticipated. Many "Bells & Whistles" and details were added to enhance the display. In doing so all of the dimensions had to be worked out before the actually machining could start. The fellow doing the macining is doing his own detailed sketches, programming and creating the necessary fixtures.

    The opening on the cylinder is intentional. It will be covered with a piece of clear Lexan. Its purpose is to show the piston in action.

    The "superintendent" Is a great addition. I can't remember whose idea he was. I found him in Arizona. He is 1/12 scale, the same as the model. He represents a Victorian era man of approximately 5' 10" tall. Our plan is to have him stationed on the deck forward of the engine. It will give the visitors a relative size of the North River.

    I guarantee that visitors won't be disappointed once the display is turned over to Clermont.

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