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Speaking of steam trains...

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    Speaking of steam trains...

    Great news emerged today with Norfolk Southern officially announcing a new steam excursion program using three locomotives from the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum which is located in Chattanooga. The engines will run on various excursions and appear on display in cities located in the NS 22 state territory. The locomotives are 2-8-0's 610 and 630 plus 2-8-2 4501 which was used on the Southern Railway (later Norfolk Southern) excursions in the 1960's through the 1980's. The 630 is also a former Southern Ry veteran and the 610 is the newest, having been built in 1952 for the U S Army. Currently, the 610 is running at the TVRM site in Chattanooga. The 630 is slated to emerge from an overhaul this summer and the 4501 will need a complete overhaul which apparently NS is going to fund.

    No schedule has been announced yet but NS has made the announcement that this going to happen. You can read their press release here: Plans call for steam to ride the Norfolk Southern rails again, through display and excursion program with TVRM

    Several posters here on have noted that they rode behind 4501 and other engines in the past on excursions out of Cincinnati, Louisville and other cities. Perhaps you will be doing it again in the future! Of course, you can take short rides any time at the TVRM in Chattanooga while visiting the DQ.

    Just thought some of you would like to know this amazing news. If only we could interest NS in running the DQ, too!

    -Jim Herron

    Very Interesting!! One does wonder, though, why they don't use 611, their former pride and joy?
    David D.


      This is great news...some of my fondest memories deal with 4501 Cincinnati to points south in Kentucky. Cap'n Walnut


        I saw this! It's quite exciting news!!! It's great to see a major railroad sponsoring a program like this. It was the Southern 4501's run through Elsmere, KY in July of 1970 that really turned me on to steam. I was 20 at the time. I made a reel to reel recording of it from about 100 feet from the track as it passed through Elsmere. The whistle on it was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard on any train. It's the type of sound that brings tears to your eyes.