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    Howard Steamboat Museum News Notes

    "Specks from the Deck" of the Howard Steamboat Museum. . .

    The June issue of Heartland Boating magazine contains an article on river museums around the country. The Howard Museum's listing also contains a stern color photo of John Fryant's excellent model of the NEW BIG SANDY, one of our prized exhibits.

    The Midwest Riverboat Buffs, based on the Upper Mississippi River, held their spring meeting in the Louisville area and it was a pleasure to lead a tour of the museum for them Saturday afternoon, despite the very warm day. They had earlier visited the new visitors center at McAlpine Lock and the Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center. In lieu of an evening program they rode the Str. BELLE OF LOUISVILLE on her Saturday night dance cruise. New brochures for the BELLE advertise her AIR CONDITIONED ballroom deck!

    Old, dusty boxes of The Waterways Journal are being dragged out of the attic. Most are from the 1960's and later. These are available for purchase in the gift shop, 10 copies for $5. The mailing label makes them a real collector's item -- addressed to Mrs. Loretta M. Howard.

    Jim Reising is doing a fabulous job with his project of replacing many of the labels on exhibits with revised text and in a larger and easy-to-read font. Thanks Jim!

    The bell from the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN will be arriving in a few weeks and is to eventually be placed near a soon-to-be constructed pilothouse replica on the rear lawn.

    Y'all come see us!
    "Curator Keith"
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