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old lake boat, still steam too

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    old lake boat, still steam too

    I know this is a laker, (mea cupla) but this steam vessel is in it's 104th year of service!

    imagine all of her original crew have long left this earth...

    Beautiful Challenger: Exhibit tells story of 104-year-old lake boat | -

    Outstanding !!!

    This shows caring owners and common sence all in the same sentence. WOW! It is a story and a vessel that needs to be told and shown to the owners of the Belle Of Louisville and Future owners of the Delta Queen. These boats are oddities in the world of riverboats too. They have out lived many of their kind. The Belle is still in operation doing basicly the same thing transporting goods around the Louisville area that it has been doing by one name or another (people are goods too). The Delta Queen although in and out of service over the years has been trudging along too. Her owners have not been as kind in their care. These vesels are our history and legacy, we should keep them going and support them so they can continue to do thier jobs. I only wish I was able to convince people of means to see the light with the DQ. I only hope is that she doesn't wind up like her twin the DK. We must help to preserve these important pieces of Americana.


      Ed: In my opinion, there is very little mystery here: MONEY! What saved the lake boat from the breakers is the fact that the price of oil went up...way up! Neither the DQ, MQ, AQ or (BOL) burn coal! And without a "sugar daddy" they are rightly or wrongly perceived by the "smart money boys and girls" to be money losers. The owners of the lake boat thought they would make more money by keeping it running burning coal. I hope they did...if they did not, it is only a matter of time! Hard headed, flinty-eyed business men and women sit in judgement...not an ounce or romance in their soul. Trust me, the Greenes, Streckfuses the shovel kings, the Laidleys et al were not there to play the calliope for you and me, they were there to make money. If it took playing a calliope to do it, mebbe they did it and mebbe they din't. I would not be surprised to learn there is more than enough money on this board and reading these lines to get the AQ out of hock, IF they think they can make money doing it. Since you cannot KNOW what will happen, perception remains everything! Cap'n Walnut.


        New question might have been asked before.

        If and when the powers that be decide to let someone (???) operate the DQ as an overnight boat again. She is in need of boiler work we all have come to see this, why not offer the suggestion to make a small change. When the boilers are repaired or replaced either or, make a change to her fuel type. Change her over to a deisel or CNG boiler system. This way she would become cheaper to operate and the EPA might even smile on this and help keep her operating. This way she could still be steam powered but with a much more economical means of operation. This is only food for thought and random discussion. I am not trying to ruffle feathers with the question.


          Tom, the Challenger is not coal fired....she uses Bunker C.
          St. Marys Challenger

          Mail by the Pail

          The Badger carferry is the only coal fired laker running...


            Ed, one would think with all the deep fryers in this country alone, there would be enough old cooking grease to fire the DQ for a long time!!!


              Pete: Thanks for setting me straight! Cap'n Walnut



                To quote Ed, "OUTSTANDING"!

                As far as I'm concerned no apology necessary. We each have different interests and should be able to share with the group freely.