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AVALON in Davenport 1952

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    AVALON in Davenport 1952

    David T.'s posting about a newfound IDLEWILD photo got me digging in my files, for nothing specific, just looking for some new material. Here are 2 snapshots taken of the AVALON in Davenport in 1952, in her coal-burning days. '52 was the last year she stopped in Davenport. 1953-61 she ran out of Rock Island, straight across the river from Davenport.
    The little boat in the background of the coal-hauling pix is the PIPE DREAM.
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    This is certainly early in the AVALON days...look at how tall those stacks are! She looks so alive and busy. i love that look in the early pictures of her. With all the people around you can feel the excitement!



      early AVALON

      Yes, this is so early I don't really remember it. My memories start on the RI levee in '53 or so. In 1951 the AVALON and GORDON C. GREENE were docked side by side at this spot in the pictures. My father told me he took me over there, but alas I don't remember that. Of course that was also the first season one CCH served as calliope player/popcorn popper on the AVALON. We would get the boat here for a 3 day weekend on the upbound trip. I don't recall her stopping on the downbound, but David T. thinks she did, so I'll have to agree with his assessment. My family of 6 would go to the RI levee each evening and listen to the calliope concert and watch people board. We would usually ride the Sunday afternoon trip. Some of the first pictures I took with my camera were of the AVALON and her calliope player... Doc said that Rock Island and Muscatine were the only stops where people would show appreciation of the calliope by honking their car horns.