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Julia Belle Swain Pictures from 1976

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    Julia Belle Swain Pictures from 1976

    There are three pictures I took the summer of 1976. I have loads more, but scanning and uploading takes time. I will add more.

    Picture 1 is the JBS passing the City of Baton Rouge

    Picture 2 is the John Hartford at the wheel pulling straight out from the City of Baton Rouge. This was not done very often, but the Delta Queen was directly behind the JBS. I was standing on the very bow of the Baton Rouge.

    Picture 3 is one of my all tiem favorite pictures I have taken. Dennis Trone just finished docking the JBS and Joh Hartford was telling a reallyt good joke from the lazy bench. Denny was laughing and smiling. I love this picture. Capt Fred Way got a copy from me for the cover of S&D.
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    These are superb photos. Thanks for sharing them!


      JBS photos

      Those are beautiful photos of a beautiful boat. I remember that photo of Denny on the JBS cover of the Reflector. Thanks for posting those.