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    Dan, see my post above entitled "Interesting". The larger model in the middle of the Forward Cabin Lounge is from the AQ - or at least that's what several MOR members said last week when we were there.


      Jack Berger owned a hobby shop in Covington, KY named Sky, Land and Sea. He has since passed on. I don't know anything about those two models. The shop is long gone.


        Premier Builder

        Jack Burger was a good friend, and one of the founders, I believe, of the Cinti. Maritime Modelers Club. I hung out a lot at Jack's shop on Main Street, in Covington, KY., when I was off the river as it was the only place to hang that had a boating atmosphere. Jack was considered a premier model builder, and he reconditioned all the Chiquita banana ship models when United Brands moved their headquarters to Cincinnati.

        Jack built a large Japanese kit-model of the DELTA QUEEN that was made to float, and may have actually been steam powered. He could have been building it for the DQ owners at that time. It was quite detailed.


          Smaller Model
          The one by Jack Berger
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            The big model, apparently off the AQ

            1) Current location
            2) I love the open door and someone sitting on the bed
            3) Check out the man with a wrench, up there ready to tune the calliope
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              How do you plan to overcome the mold and asbestos? Also are the current owners willing to sell her at a reasonable price. I only hope you suceed. Why were you unable to get her before she was sold to scrap? What was the reasons? You have what has to be one of the most interesting stories to be told yet. I have been trying to find out more on your quest since I read about it in Maritime Matters under the title Madison Queen. Please respond, all ears will be yours.
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