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    New to boards -- looking for info

    Hi All!

    I'm trying to locate some information on an ancestor of mine, and thought that you folks might be able to point me in the right direction.

    This is from a family genealogy list: William I. Birthisel (a steamboat Captain on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, who died when his children were "all young")

    I'm guessing that he was active between 1850 to 1880, but perhaps later.

    Since I am totally unfamiliar with steamship/steamboat records, etc., I was hoping that some of you might know the most logical place that I could look first for the information. His first child was born in Gallopolis, Ohio in September 1876, so I'm guessing he might have been "based" out of there.

    I know it's a long shot, but any info would be appreciated!! Thanks....

    Rick Adkins


    Try the Inland Rivers Special Collection at the Hamilton County/Cincinnati Public Library or the Mercantile Library at the UMSL campus in St. Louis. They both have records of licensees over the years. We also have a couple of posters who are experts in this area, one being Carl Jones. He should see your posting soon and may be able to help.


      Information William Birthisel

      William Birthisel was born in 1848 in Virginia ( 1870 census Gallipolis)
      living in his mother, Jane's Household she was born 1807 in Ireland
      In 1873 he was clerk on the SB Kittie Hegler (Way 3296)
      in 1880 he was Master on the SB Lizzie Johnston in the Gallipolis-Huntington trade (Way 3536)
      in 1881 when she first came out he was clerk on the Hibernia in the Gallipolis-Marietta trade under capt Alf Day.
      He married Pattie Shaw Hall and the had a son Charles Dayton Birthisel born 18 Sept 1876 (LDS New Family Search) Charles Married an Eva born Dec 1877 in West Virginia about 1898 they had a son, Erstie (sp) born Jun 1899(1900 Census for Falls Dist, Fayette Co., West Virginia.)

      Fred Way's Packet Directory can be found in a lot of bigger (river side) libraries.

      I didn't find him in any of the lists of masters and pilots I have available.