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Str. George M. Verity Dedication Anniversary

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    Speaking of unusual paddlewheels, here's a view of the Str. MISSISSIPPI III at St. Louis with a rather unique looking wheel. Apparently it didn't last long, as this is the ONLY photo I've ever seen of her with this wheel. Ironically, the photo was taken of the boat in about the same place where she later was permanently moored from 1966 until 1975 as the BECKY THATCHER.
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      Whatta 'Bout the SEBALD?

      Doesn't anyone else, besides YT, remember the VERITY when she was towing for ARMCO? Cap'n Bill does, of course. The GMV and WEBER W. SEBALD were regulars in the Cinti harbor where I spent my younger days. The tragedy of the two is what became of the SEBALD that was given to the Ashland (KY) Yacht Club for a buck, and that even included the sheets on the beds and the knives, forks, spoons, and dinnerware in the kitchen.

      I was allowed to roam all through her, in 1960, when I rowed over in the AVALON's yawl, and I regret that I did not ask for the Guest Book that was lying on the night stand in the Guest's Quarters that was signed by about every distinguished VIP on the river in the days the SEBALD was running.

      Tom Greene and Fred Way's names come to mind as ones that jumped off pages filled with others just as well-known as they were. I swear that Captain Gordon C. Greene also signed the book, but I'm trying to clear the cobwebs of half-a-century of accumulation as I attempt to recall that very special book sitting, there, on the bedside table.

      Ray Gill, the famed Chief Engineer on the VERITY and the BETSY ANN was an engineroom mentor of mine when I was Striking on the AVALON, a boat that he despised as he was always comparing the spartian AVALON to the comfortable VERITY. But he was a great man to work for, and I fondly recall, with delight, the many tales Chief Gill told of working on the GEORGE M. VERITY.


        See my posting about the entire family of towboats, including the SEEBALD...


          And one more UNunusual sternwheel view: Judy took this shot at Keokuk on October 18, 1980. A great perspective of the helical/herringbone paddlewheel on the VERITY. Kind of like looking into the funhouse mirrors at an amusement park!
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            Originally posted by Judy Patsch View Post
            The GEO. M. VERITY began as the S.S. THORPE, built in 1927 at Dubuque. 130 x 35 x 5. Nordberg condensing engines 15's, 30's/ 6 ft stroke. Foster-Wheeler watertube boilers. Owned by Federal Barge Lines until sold in 1940 to American Rolling Mill Co. and renamed GEO. M. VERITY (from Way's Towboat Directory)
            Note the normally configured paddlewheel in these photos.
            The third pix was taken in 1938 after the THORPE hit the Washington Ave. bridge in Minneapolis (from C.W.'s collection)
            That second photo shows the THORPE in tow of the PATRICK J. HURLEY enroute to Dubuque Boat & Boiler yards for repairs after sinking in Minneapolis.