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Belle Grove Plantation

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    Belle Grove Plantation

    Many who post and read this forum undoubtedly will be interested in a recently discovered website devoted to BELLE GROVE PLANTATION, built in 1857 and one of the most opulent houses along the Mississippi near White Castle, Louisiana. There are hauntingly beautiful black and white images of the house in Ghosts Along the Mississippi, by Clarence John Laughlin. The home is also discussed in Harnett Kane's book, Plantation Parade. The fabulous edifice lay in ruins for many years as the river crept ever closer. Capt. Doc Hawley told me that he saw the place in 1952, the first year he worked on the Str. AVALON. Later that year the remains of the great house burned to the ground.

    The late Dorothea Frye, Cincinnati steamboat artist and buffette extraordinaire, loved plantation houses and had a special fascination for BELLE GROVE. She was delighted to find two decorative cypress pieces from the capitals of the columns in a New Orleans antique shop many years ago. The shopkeeper told her that he had picked up the pieces while visiting the ruins. Knowing of my longtime penchant for plantation homes, Dorothea bequeathed her treasured BELLE GROVE artifacts to me and they are prized items in my collection of river and steamboat stuff.

    Only a marker along the highway and some oak trees now mark the location of BELLE GROVE, truly gone with the wind.

    Click on Belle Grove Plantation of Louisiana to access fascinating historical images and information.
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