Sometime back in 2006 I started to put the list of steamboats lost in the back of Lytle's Merchant steam vessels of the United States 1790 - 1868 including supplements nos 1 & 2 into a Mac spreadsheet program. So I could sort they by the year lost. 3788 entries later it is done and sorted by year and alphabetic within each year. This was done in Mac OS 9.2 and Appleworks 6. I did all the boats not just the inland rivers. I can now do look ups by year for those interested. I have not tried it but can likely sort by cause of lost. Because the place lost would only list a few places with multiple boats lost, like St. Louis, or New Orleans I would not try a sort of this column but they can be found using the "find and change" feature, It would be simple to find a single boat this way but a lot of labor to compile a list. It can be done as I use two computers and I could list the boat names on the second computer.

I hope to have some fun with this now that it is done.