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    More DQ Black & White

    Okay are 2 more I dredged up from the "Roddy Files." The Cincinnati shot is marked on the back "Lodder Photography" with a Cincinnati address....
    the other of 2 people we all know is stamped on the back "Charles Nicholas - Chief Photographer - THE COMMRCIAL APPEAL Memphis, TN
    Last edited by Franz Neumeier; 01-15-2009, 12:29 AM. Reason: sorry, I had to remove the pictures. as even mentioned in the posting, they're clearly copyright protected and can't be just published here without permission from the copyright holders ...

    Big and Little Doc

    Why did Doc Carr wear that kerchief around his neck?


      For His Gal Pals?

      Will the right answer to your query garner another Snickers Bar, or better yet, a 5th of Ole Betty?

      The origin of Captain, Old Doc, Carr's bandanna neckerchiefs is unknown to me, but his colorful hankies served as his own identifying personal trademark. He had a load of 'em, too, that he presented to his many favorite gal pals in much the same way a newcomer by the name of Elvis Presley did later .

      Cap'n Carr, undoubtedly, was one of the most colorful steamboatmen I worked with. But six years before we were working together on the deck of the DELTA QUEEN, I first met his acquaintance, by chance, one dark night at a Wood River fuel dock; perhaps one of the few times the DELTA QUEEN and the AVALON were tied side-by-side at a landing other than one of the regular Ports of Call.