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    James Rees & Sons Company

    I just looked over the July/August, 2008 INPerspective magazine from the Indiana Historical Society. They have noted in their section "New in Collections and Library" Printed items: James Rees and Sons Company: Designers, Contractors, and Builders of Iron and Steel Hull Freight and Passengers Steamers, Tugboats, Dredge Boats, Towboats, and Barges for Inland Waters, Also Marine and Land Engines, and Boilers of Every Type and Size, 1913.

    It says more information about these and similar collections can be found in the Collections and Library online catalog at Indiana Historical Society or by contacting reference services at 317-234-0321.

    I'm wondering why would Indiana have received such? And I wanted to be sure this was noted on, so that if someone was researching on the internet it might pop up as being available at the Indiana Historical Society.

    Jo Ann: This is most likely the reprint of the 1913 James Rees and Sons catalog that was published by Capt. Fred Way and Jerry Sutphin in 1972. Copies are still available -- we might have some in the Howard Museum gift shop -- at various places and on Ebay.

    The Indiana Historical Society has a steamboat collection, which includes the extensive river materials of the late Russell M. Lintner, of Pittsburgh.