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    Thanks for the help

    I appreciate the suggestions give to me last week concerning my musical Rivertown. I have opened up the web site for the musical here: Home | Rivertown

    I also got help from Jo Ann Schoen who gave my name and number to Barbara Hameister. We had a great talk on Wednesday that was very helpful.

    Today I got my copy of "Here Comes the Showboat!" by Betty Bryant from my Ebay purchase. It will quite helpful too. I was going to have a little Shakespeare in the showboat scene, but once I saw the photos of the melodramas - that was it. We will have to include an archvillain with a damsel in distress - maybe even with a sawblade about to cut her in two!

    The showboat scene cannot last forever, but it will be one of three major production numbers. Thinking about opening the second act with a calliope recording before the curtain opens and kids running down the aisles cheering for the arrival of the showboat. Not sure which showboat name I will use yet.


    Why not honor the Majestic?
    David D.