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    Bruno, the top 2 photos of the DQ are from 1949 or 1950. That was the only two years I know of when she had a White Splashboard. the B&W photo is FOR SURE taken in Evansville, IN. the Photo with the GREEN band around the smokestack is from I believe in Huntington, WV. around 1974 or 1975. I know she went to a YELLOW band in 1976. The LOCKS photo was taken at the Newburgh, IN lock and Dam. Thanks, Allen Dale.


      Thank you, Sam! This is Gospel straight from The Source.


        Thank you, Dale and Sam for your input on these subjects. I know Alan has asked in the past why we discuss the DQ and BofL so much when there were so many other boats....well, it seems the DQ is an almost endless subject in itself!!! The fact, too, that we can all relate to both these boats and that there are folks here and there who have worked on them and still work on them make the discovery of info. exciting. Keep it up, I say!


          Cap'n B's Got A Point...

          I'd love to discuss the AVALON, but Captain Doc and I are, perhaps, but two of the few surviving members of that by-gone era in steamboatin' (Captain Betty, thank you very much) history, and he stays clear of the web... regrettably.

          Whenever I've been in concert with a bunch of those BELLE OF LOOIEVILLE boys and gals (like aboard JIM'S DREAM) I love to sit back and listen to them jaw about their glorious experiences on the BELLE. If there's no discussion about the BELLE on here, the Falls City crowd has but themselves to blame.


            Mint Boxes

            Found this in a dusty box in the basement, it's an article from "THE DELTA QUEEN'S CALLIOPE" which was a news letter E.J. Quinby put out occasionally in the 1960's. This picture was taken Sept. 2, 1960 and shows Capt. Paul Underwood standing on the starboart pitman inspectiong the boats mint crop.
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              This is the first I have seen of the mint boxes not being placed abreast of the wheel mounted on the Cabin Deck guard. Now I am gonna have to pull old pictures! This explains the mount where the stern lines are sitting today, as it is a metal frame with a board over it.

              What we learn from old pictures! Thanks!



                Corps of Engineers Buff

                Here's a post card I found with the boat trimmed out in Underwoods favorite color.....Corps of Engineers buff.
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