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    "Streckfus Stuff"

    Since today in steamboat history marks the anniversary of the death in 1925 of Commodore John Streckfus at St. Louis, it's a good day to announce an upcoming program focusing upon the famous steamboat line.

    The "River Ramblings" series at the Howard Steamboat Museum will feature Judy Patsch, presenting "Rise and Shine for the Streckfus Line" - A Journey on the Ohio and Missisippi Rivers with a Steamboating Dynasty on Saturday, June 28th at 3:00 PM.

    This information is already posted on the museum website at Mark your new 2008 calendars now and plan to join us!

    Herewith is a small sampling of the vast fleet of Streckfus steamboats. The first image is the sternwheel J.S., named for Capt. John Streckfus and built at the Howard Shipyard in 1901. The second view is the SENATOR, formerly the SAINT PAUL, upbound under the bridge (now replaced) at Marietta, Ohio. The third photo is the same boat in earlier times.

    Curator Keith

    P.S. Besides being the speaker, Judy will provide her cookies as usual!
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    The New York contingent will be there, wouldn't miss it for the world.

    Actually, the timing is perfect for me and Deb as it works so well with our July 1st DQ cruise outa Cinci, and saves us some plane fare. And I suspect that there are a few dot.orgers that will be doing the very same thing, combining the two "events".

    Can't wait :-)... only got one cookie last time...


      And Deb just reminded me that the Legendary One will be in Louisville the next day, Sunday.

      Gonna be a great weekend.


        Bruno: So glad to hear that you and Deb will be "on deck" for the fourth River Ramblings program -- and I haven't forgotten that I owe you the curator's cellar-to-attic "behind the scenes" tour of the museum! Hard to believe that we'll be celebrating the museum's 50th anniversary in 2008!

        I've tried to arrange these programs so there are other steamboaty events going on (such as BELLE OF LOUISVILLE cruises) the same weekend, not only to add to the fun and fellowship when river people gather, but to make it even more worthwhile for you folks who kindly travel LONG distances to be with us. The DQ's presence at Louisville on Sunday will certainly be an added feature -- and there are some other possible surprises in the works for that weekend too!

        Thanks so much for your continued support and enthusiasm! And much appreciation, also, for the very kind letter that you and Deb recently sent to me at the museum while aboard the DQ at Oak Alley, one of my favorite river plantation houses! That made it extra special!

        Keep up steam!
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          Annie Blum here. I am very pleased to read that Judy Patsch will be presenting a program about Streckfus on the Ohio. This subject has always been a matter of great interest to me. Yes, it is true that I like everything Streckfus. Over and above that, it is interesting that the company ventured to another river. I always think of them on the Mississippi. Perhaps part of it was happy memories of when the first JS was built right there at the Howard.

          I am planning to be there and I am looking forward to absorbing all that Judy has to relate.


            I'm not forsaking the Mississippi - we'll just include the Ohio too!