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Picture of the Week - 8 AUG 06

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    Picture of the Week - 8 AUG 06


    Nice photo! I recognize it from E-bay.

    I am still working on the North River Project. It seems that it has become mine. The Saugerties Fulton Steamboat Foundation is dormant. The dream to build a full size replica of the CLERMONT was way too ambitious. The realization of the cost and lack of the necessary funding has put the project to bed.

    I am continuing to document and create a 3D model in CAD. I am aligning supporter to build a 3/8" - !' working scale model of the boat. I have attracted the interest of a model shipwright in PA. I also have two friends who design and build steam engines. One has already researched the Bolton & Watt engine used by Fulton. The funding of approximately $10,000.00 is doable throught small donations. I now have to develop interest and fundraisers.

    I have, within the past week, made contact with the folks at the Rumseian Society. They wrote me about the North River Project. It just so happened that the Hudson River Maritime Museum was holding a Steamboat meet this past weekend. Carl Kriegeskotte sent the Rumseians and invite. They accepted and drove up from West Virginia (without their replica). They are, however, planning on bringing it up next year for the Fulton celebration at the Clermont Historic Site. An interesting detail about the Rumsey boat is that it was propelled by a waterjet way back in 1787. Anyone interested in seeing their replica "The Rumsey Experiment", it is at a museum in Sheperdstown, WV.

    They have good suggestions for a larger scale Fulton boat, the 1803 Paris design. They recommend a 1/2 size version in the 30 ft range. they want to work with those of us who are still interested.

    Here are a couple of links on the 207 & 2009 Hudson River Celebrations. They may be duplicates. ,

    Pete Baker
    West Hurley, NY
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    Museum models

    Two of the photos are from the Addison Museum at Phillips Andover Academy in Andover, MA. The third is from the Munich Museum.

    They represent a model of similar size that I would like to have help in building for display in the Mid-Hudson Valley (Clermont Historic Site and/or Hudson River Maritime Museum).

    I need the help of professionals out there for funding, building the boat and a workng steam engine. I'd like to marry the latter two but in the overall scheme of things probably isn't necessary. Any ideas or volunteers?

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