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I made a new sign for the DQ

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    That is a little more complex. :) I honestly don't have a problem with the current stack that retracts. The logo on the front of the Delta Queen doesn't bother me to much anymore either, I just liked editing in photoshop. :)

    Why did they put the taller stack on the DQ though? I mean, did they ever have to retract the old one. Why put a taller stack so you have to retract it for a good deal of bridges? I do know that on the Illinois river the bridges are shorter, so maybe it was for that.


      I know what you mean about getting used to something. I really don't know why they put the current stack on it. I do remember hearing something about the old one being difficult to retract, but it is a mystery on why they chose to go with the current one. It's so different from the old one, and not all that close to the original 1920s version either.