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Paddlewheel at Fort Pitt Bridge

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    A picture that I found while going through my photo box....

    This displays the entirety of the bucket-less sternwheel. This photo was taken by me in the summer of 2003.
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      Yes, Steve, the JASON's wheel was on display at Station Square many years ago; I remember being awed by its size. Perhaps that was in 1989.


        With it looking that good, it makes me want to go up there, get the wheel, and build a boat around it!

        Really, it is in amazing shape for steel which has been out of doors for such a long time. It would be a good basis for a great boat!



          Sorry to dig up an old thread, but does anyone know what's happened to the JASON's wheel? Google Maps shows the area has been repaved as a parking lot and the wheel is nowhere to be seen.


            *Fate of JASON's wheel*
            Morning, Jon & gang,
            Sorry for just clicking/reading this older but interesting web question RE: the JASON's wheel. Two possible sources of information on the wheel's fate may come from the memories of Capts. Bill Judd and Bill Barr. Capt. Judd does 'lurk' here now and then with responses. No idea if Capt. Barr reads Thanks for an interesting topic and the photos from you, Don Sanders. Cheers!

            R. Dale Flick
            Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.


              Jon, you're right, the wheel seems to be gone now. I have circled in red where it should be in these images. That's too bad.. Hope it wasn't scrapped!
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