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Steamboat: Minnesota-General Allen-Cotton Blossom

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    The dredge "visuevius

    Now also looking for any information on the above. My information so far was that she was a government boat & a electic dredge that was used for building the long dike adjacent to the wisconsin-minnesota lock & dam #5 probably in the 1932-35 time era. The dike was pumped out by this dredge on the wisconsin side of the river, sorry, the dredges name was the "visuevius".
    Thanks for any help


      Ronald: The August, 1939 issue of National Geographic contains a fine color photo of the boat departing the lock at Dubuque with a tow. The picture is part of a feature story on Iowa.


        I remember the only time I worked with Walt Karnath. I say worked with but actually he was on the other watch. He got on in Prarie Dog one time when I was mate on the DQ and I had the honor of Hot Sheeting with him for a couple days as the boat was full and the other 2 pilots were both still aboard. Either Bob or Chris "chug" Osborne was the other mate.


          General Allen

          Thanks Keith, I appreciate & will tryto locate aissue.


            NatGeo August 1939

            Got the magazine, many thanks Keith.


              U.S. General Allen

              Kieth: Or anyone else, I have a question regarding the above steamboat. I am trying to date photgraphs of the General Allen, I know she was built with one large river search lite mounted on the center top deck. All the pictures I have during my fathers tenure on this boat 1922-29 show that single search light, the large picture I received from Kieth showing the boat at Minneapolis on June 6th 1937 shows TWO large search lights now in place, one on the right & one on the left top deck. My question is does anyone know approximately when they added the second light????
              Thank You
              Ronald Lietha