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    ALL Lobby Update

    Sorry I've been neglectful in posting on this site. Counting the $30,000 ACL paid in the 2nd quarter 2017 they've reached the half a million dollar mark in their effort since 2013 to stop the DQ exemption from happening. Who would have ever thought they would spend that much just to stop one little competing boat.

    *Other companies with lobbysists?*

    Morning, Steamboating colleagues,
    Mike, thanks for keeping us posted on actions of ACL in retaining a lobbyist for their interests. Again, its totally legal whether we like it or not.

    I'd like to know or see any figures, stats if the AMERICAN QUEEN STEAMBOAT CO. also has retained/pay for lobby service and action. Recently more than a few we know enjoyed cruises on the big AQ but, so far, no posted reports or reviews.

    Thanks also to those who have added names, addresses of congressional reps to contact. I've done so in my area. Remember, they state in their web sites etc. they "only respond to those within my district." As you say, it's up to people living in those districts to answer the call. Some reps, I note, not in or near rivers being within their states geographically. The continuing events in the miasma of congressional Washington, D.C. in a virtual free-fall gives me great concern if this initiative will ever be met.

    No additional word so far I know of RE: the plans of VIKING RIVER CRUISES and other emerging companies with their proposed vessels. I'm certain Capts. Bill Judd and Clarke C. 'Doc' Hawley would possibly know more. See you at S&D in Marietta in September!

    Summer: R. Dale Flick on the northern shores of mighty Lake Michigan.


      The 24 July waterways Journal has an article on the competitor lobbying page 42


        *'Lobby' in WWJ*

        Morning, Steamboating colleagues:
        Thanks, Carl, for mention of 'lobby activities' appearing in WATERWAYS JOURNAL. Alas and alack, I admit to not reading the WWJ in some years now but do receive notice of articles and other features from our gang.

        Could...possibly...maybe...somebody do a quick summary of who the companies are also hiring/retaining a lobby concern? We do see postings here RE: ACL but no others. Let's round out the 'information' here and tell the whole story. I can't conceive that AMERICAN QUEEN CO. wouldn't also retain such services as would other companies now entering boats in cruise service or proposals to do so. Again, it's perfectly legal in our system whether we like it or not. Today any company or concern WITHOUT the service of lobbyist would be foolish. Is there any mention of the present DELTA QUEEN CO. retaining the services of a lobby concern? Again, if you can't lick em then join em. Just curious in asking. Again, what do I know?

        Summer: R. Dale Flick from the north shores of mighty Lake Michigan.



          I did check for the AQ last year when I first started tracking. I could not find any lobby activity by them on the exemption bills. At last years S & D meeting I spoke with one of the corporate officers (can't remember his name) and he was very supportive of our efforts and wishes us all these best. He's also a good friend of Cornel's.

          If I get the chance I will do additional research and let everyone know. See you in September.


            *Summer congressional vacations*

            Morning, Mike,
            Thanks for checking and posting on your end RE: "other lobby efforts" in/around the DELTA QUEEN exemption bill process. I just checked finding both our U.S. Congressional House and Senate bodies now on vacation/recess from July 31 to September 4th.

            Yes, there was an employee/representative in the audience representing ACL at last year's annual meeting of Sons & Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen in Marietta, OH. More in time. See you in September.

            Summer: R. Dale Flick from the northern shores of mighty Lake Michigan.


              Again I'm remiss in following up but finally here goes.

              I did further checking on lobby activity on HR 619 and could not find anything other than ACL for 2017. I didn't check any further back as that's not important at this point. A search for the American Queen Co. and other western rivers operators didn't turn up anything either.

              The gentleman I met from the American Queen was Gary Frommelt, VP Operations and as I said he was very supportive of our efforts.

              My wife talked to Missy down in Houma on Friday and they weren't expecting bad weather other than rain. Internet weather search shows the same but we'll check with Missy tomorrow to find out how things really are.

              Thanks for the heads up on the Waterways Journal, I was able to get it and it didn't really say much other than ACL is trying to stop the exemption from happening. If anyone would like to read it send me a private message and I can email it to you as a PDF attachment.

              We are now up to 39 co-sponsors of HR 619. That's the most we've ever had since I started tracking from 2013. We're getting good across the isle support showing the exemption bill is truly non-partisan but with all the other must do legislation I have no idea what are chances are for a quick passage of HR 619.

              FULL STEAM AHEAD


                Gary Frommelt

                Gary is well known in the river community. He was Chief Engineer on the DQ and the NATCHEZ before going to the PRESIDENT to start his gambling boat career. I'm sure he is a main reason they were able to get the ISLE OF CAPRI converted to the AMERICAN DUCHESS so quickly and so well. If only he could have gotten his LOUISE shipshape so fast :-). His wife Connie worked for New Orleans Steamboat in the charter area and they were great friends with Roddy Hammett in particular, celebrating Mardi Gras with him on St. Charles just up from Roddy's Polymnia St. house. Gary is one of the finest rivermen still active on the rivers.


                  For the brief time I spent talking with him I was impressed. He's also a good friend of Cornel.