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    I have been doing some research on the Delta Queen and what might happen to her. Some people think that if a building or in this case a boat is on the National Register that it is safe from demolition etc. that is not the case a site or boat can put on the Register today and be put in the wrecking yard tomorrow. There is a small period of relied if the project has received any money from the National Park Service for work on the boat the owner or chain of owners are suppose to maintain the boat for 7 years.

    The DQ has been of the register since 1989. It was registered by the National Park Service its self with a hone port of New Orleans. That may mean that the Louisiana SHPO (State Historic Preservation Office) is the office with the records and the responsibility of guiding any restoration/rehabilitation. In the view of the Park Service there is a real difference between to two. Restoration means to return to New. rehabilitation means to make the property functional while retaining exterior appearance. There are likely few if any marine architects who would take on the whole project but finding one would be a great step in the right direction.
    Carl Jones, former curator on the corps dredge Capt Meriwether Lewis.


      Now that Pres. Trump is in charge we should all start Tweeting him to save the Delta Queen and help make America great again. (I'll bet he has never heard of the DQ.)