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    Transportation Bill

    Press Release
    July 27, 2015

    Washington, D.C. – As the Senate debates a transportation bill, U.S. Senators Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) introduced an amendment that would clear the way for the Delta Queen to return to the Ohio River. Based on a bill introduced by Portman and Brown earlier this month, the amendment would allow the Delta Queen steamboat to carry passengers on overnight trips on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.

    “The Delta Queen is a true Ohio treasure and an important part of the Queen City’s history. I remember being on the Delta Queen as a boy and am pleased to introduce this measure to keep it afloat for all Cincinnatians,” Portman said. “We are working to make sure the vessel can get back in business. It represents a big part of our history, and will help promote recreational activities and economic opportunity along the Ohio River.”

    “It’s time to return the Delta Queen to its home on the Cincinnati Riverfront,” Brown said. “The Delta Queen is an important landmark and its restoration will offer travelers a unique experience, while supporting local economies of Ohio’s great river towns.”

    The 1966 Safety at Sea law prohibits wooden ships of a certain size—like the Delta Queen—from carrying passengers on overnight trips. This amendment would require new safety requirements and grant a 15-year exemption to this rule, which was standard practice until 2008.

    The Delta Queen, designated as a National Historic Landmark, is currently undergoing renovations in Houma, LA but was owned by a Cincinnati company from 1946-1985.

    House Amendment, Too?

    This is a great strategy! Has a companion amendment been introduced in the House?



      Not that I'm aware of but if it passes in the Senate the conference committee will have to consider it when working out the differences with what the House passes.