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Latest Update on the DQ's repairs

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    Latest Update on the DQ's repairs

    The DQSC Facebook page has about 17 photos of the work they are doing on her. Took me about 2 hours to see them--Dial-Up and Facebook don't play well together. Some very necessary work being done! They replaced some of the deck drains, something that was needed 8 years ago when we rode her in '07. They put in aluminum drain pans, I would have used Copper--but I'm known to be finicky! The Aluminum will be fine, as long as they keep a good coating on them so they don't corrode quickly (boats exist in a damp climate, it's just the way things are!).
    I"d say she's in pretty good hands, looking at what all they've been doing! Our job as steamboaters is to get the legislation passed! Email your congress reps!

    Hey, thanks for the heads up on the pics. I enjoyed them immensely.