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Video of the Delta Queen Moving Once Again, Under Tow. Thank God.

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    Originally posted by Wesley Paulson View Post
    Question from the back of the class in DQ 201:

    Does the entire DQ rig (DQ+barge+towboat) fit in a single lock chamber? If not, how is the tow managed through a lock or set of locks?


    Wesley, the Delta Queen is 285', the deck barge is 150' long and the JW Herron is 100' then the stage boom on the DQ sticks out an additional 45' from the bow making the entire setup is 580' long. The locks on the TN River are 110'x600' so she has just enough room to fit!


      Delta Queen Riverboat Update March 29 2015

      The DQ as if last night was tied up near mile marker 207 Tennessee River expected to go on her way Sunday morning March 29 continuing her way to New Orleans. Facts about the JW HERRON towboat are as follows 88 feet long with 9.1 depth built in 1967 in Greenville Miss. Has a steel hull an gross tonnage is 345.She is owned by Graestone Logistics of Paducah Ky and more later as information becomes available. Carole Matthews Pompano Beach Fla.33064


        Delta Queen Riverboa Update March 29 2015

        New pictures on Facebook of Pat and Peanut. They are crew on the JW Herron and handle the lines for the DQ for when they go through the locks or tie up.Great job guys. I know she will arrive safe and sound in New Orleans Carole Matthews Pompano Beach Florida 33064


          I hope someone posts them here, 'cause I (and others) Can't get to Facebook.


            Delta Queen Photos on Facebook Pat and Peanuts

            David Saw your post and we tried to post them for you but could not get it to go through. Can someone please help? They are on the Delta Queen Steamboat site on Facebook with a few new nice pictures. Carole Matthews Pompano Beach Fla 33064 Can someone post these for David? Thanks


              Unfortunately,Facebook posts cannot be linked or transferred anywhere else, even to emails (they used to be).


                Can you save them to your home computer, then upload them here (after compressing them)?
                Frustrating to read about the move and not be able to see it! Facebook used to be accessible to dial-up, and then they "upgraded" their service.



                  See if you can click this link and view the Facebook page without logging into Facebook. Hopefully just viewing it will work on dail up rather than being logged into Facebook completely.

                  I have been making all of the posts to the FB page using pictures and info texted to me from the guys on the boat. Unfortunately dot org doesn't work well on iphones for uploading photos and such. The Facebook interface is allowing me to continue to update the page in real time with photos as they are taken, all from my iPhone.

                  Try this link, and do not log into Facebook, just browse as a normal webpage.



                    Thanks for trying, but no luck.
                    Besides folks like me who are stuck with dial-up, there are folks who will not 'do' Facebook. I hope the DQSC decides to do a "normal" website, and not rely on Facebook for their internet presence.
                    I don't really care about "real time" I'd just like to see some photos of her progress!


                      To all:

                      Please do not save photos posted on Facebook and attach them on here. Photos are protected by copyright and we have to remove them unless the person posting them here is the photographer or has a formal permission to use them on here!


                      The link provided by Phillip should work. Facebook has "open" pages which can be seen by everyone without being signed up. It works for me (and I´m currently not logged in).

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                        Well, I don't want folks to post copy written photos here! Yes, Facebook has open pages, but they are so graphically oriented that they crash on dial up connections. I can't even get to my own Facebook page! Occasionally I can get the page to load, so once in a while I get a glimpse, as I finally did tonight.
                        The internet has become so high-speed oriented that I do oftentimes consider just getting off the internet until better service reaches my home area. So far steamboats. org works fins, but folks don't seem to post here much anymore, and the Model T Club Forum works well too, so I hang on.
                        Back to the DQ--How many more miles?? When she Steamed to Chattanooga, she traveled via the coastal waterway, sounds like she will avoid that this trip??


                          *Photos/Copyright/Social Media*
                          Morning, Steamboating colleagues,
                          Thanks to Phillip for the effort with links etc., but Carmen is on the mark RE: copyright on social media [FACEBOOK] and other sites leading to BIG problems legal. I just had fiberoptic run into the house here in Cincinnati after a two year wait with it working great.

                          Anything you write on paper down to a simple grocery list or receipt from fast food outlets can be considered a legal copyright document in a court of law. Same goes for photos on ANY web or social media site. Usually with steamboat history etc., our colleagues here are courteous, free in sharing their photos, graphics, stories. Seems to me a number of years back one of the DELTA QUEEN owining companies [Don't ask me now at this late date] made 'noises' about ANY and ALL photos taken of the boat being put on web or social media. These cases hard to prove or bring to resolution but who needs the headaches--but some will pursue cases to their fullest. I hear horror stories RE: copyright and social media from the now retired dean of the law school here at the University of Cincinnati now in private consultation work.

                          As member/librarian of the Literary Club of Cincinnati [Founded 1849] I have to be very careful with any request for papers, books written by past/present members. If for historical, legal, literary research I am always check the materials for controls. I've even had to phone out of state to surviving heirs or families to double check, receive permission before sharing copies with scholars, writers, researchers. We just never know when or where a photo, writing, posting on a web or even FACEBOOK is going to pop up at the wrong moment for the wrong purpose.

                          Be careful...very careful...of anything proclaimed "Official" or "leader of such and such." Self-proclaimed "Official" can involve people in headaches they never dreamed legally and financially unless they are certified and empowered or registered. Also never follow any proclaimed "leader." Many who write, publish, photograph, protect their work with the recognized (C). Many cases come down to having the party prove they are registered. 'Logos' also protected under copyright with stringent limitations if any. Even the much-used "Steamboatin'" has and is under copyright. We discussed this a while back here tracing what we 'thought' was the origin of the term "Steamboatin.' Likewise there is no such thing as 'International Copyright' unless the claimant is under a country adhearing to the Geneva Convention for copyright. These issues now being studied as we speak. As our late Alan Bates used to say, "Let the complaining party take the time and money to prosecute." Granted postings on have dropped off drastically due to people switching over to FACEBOOK etc. Be advised legal and business eyes scan any postings on FACEBOOK they can. Well, again, what do I know?

                          R. Dale Flick
                          Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati


                            Yes, David, she will avoid the ICW and the Tenn-Tom/Tombigbee River by going this way. Far fewer locks, no open water, etc. In addition, she'll have a good current helping her downstream once she gets to the Ohio River. As far as viewing FB pics, do you have a smartphone (IPhone or Android)? That would be an easier way to view the pics, though in a smaller format. If you have a public library close by, you might try that for viewing as well. Surely they have a fiberoptic connection.


                              Yes Dale, the minute Carmen mentioned copyrights, I immediately recognized the error of my thinking. I've had my own work "stolen" so do respect others' creative properties. Can't say I was hurt financially by the steal, but it was disconcerting to see my art work on a T-Shirt sponsored by a major brewing company. (Well, and a compliment too, thinking that they thought well enough of it to use it).
                              Bob, No smart phone here, I do have a flip phone (Scotty beam me up, they're on to me!), but it doesn't work for miles around my home. Believe it or not, there are areas even in California that do not have cell coverage, nor any "modern communications connections." We do have forests, mountains, wildlife, relative quiet, and for that we pay a price (and the California government taxes us annually for "fire protection."--I just paid mine). Oh, and half the time my GPS can't find a signal up here!
                              I have an 8 year old laptop that I'm trying to clear out (photos I need on it, but it crashes when I put in a thumb drive) so I can use it when I'm downtown and have wi-fi available to me. If I can't clear it out, I may have to buy a new one! It now takes 15 minutes to get Firefox up and running, I think because the hard drive is almost full. This week I will be working in Placerville in a more remote location than where I live, but the guy's house is on top of a hill & he has high-speed internet, so I will be able to see photos for a few days!! YES!!
                              Kind of way off-topic here, but I think if more folks realized how much Facebook (and Google) tracks of your internet usages--AND sells that info, it would be much less popular; but then privacy in today's world is pretty much an illusion!