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Video of the Delta Queen Moving Once Again, Under Tow. Thank God.

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    Video of the Delta Queen Moving Once Again, Under Tow. Thank God.

    The Delta Queen Headed Out Of Chattanooga. Please Click On The Web Links Below To See Some Of The Videos Posted On Youtube So Far.

    Also Mr. Ed Frazier just posted a good video he took from the Southern Belle following the Queen several miles out of Chattanooga. See his video on his post below this post.

    Click Below To See All Of The Most Recent Delta Queen Videos Posted On Youtube.
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    I stood on the bow of the Southern Belle taking video. I ended up with almost 42 minutes of her from the park to where we said good bye. There is a lot of random chatter in it as I was more focused on the Queen. As soon as I can get it uploaded I will post the link for everyone to see, if they want.


      Here is my video


        Wonderful video, Ed. I couldn't be there but I could see it all with your video!!


          TV Video Coverage of Departure

          Here is some local TV coverage...

          Chattanooga Says Good-Bye to the Delta Queen - MyFOXChattanooga

          Delta Queen departs Chattanooga North Shore - WSMV Channel 4

          Delta Queen Prepared to Leave Chattanooga With Fanfare - WDEF News 12

          Denny Hamilton


            Video of the Delta Queen Moving Once Again

            A huge thanks to Ed Frazier for making one of the best videos of the Delta Queen I have ever seen.I agree with Pat Carr an now on to New Orleans to make her river ready once again just one more hurdle the Senate vote an she will be on her way in 2016 an a thanks again to all those who worked so hard to make this all possible.They said she should be in New Orleans no later than April 2 thats fantastic. Carole Matthews Pompano Beach Fla 33064.PS That was a nice send off seeing all the people on the riverbanks and the Southern Belle.She is a grand old lady.


              Originally posted by Pat Carr View Post
              Wonderful video, Ed. I couldn't be there but I could see it all with your video!!
              We missed you Pat!! But do know we were thinking of you. It was quite a thrill to see her slide out of Coolidge Park. As soon as we got the towboat wired up to her stern, she wanted to go! She wasn't stuck in the mud anything....I think she was chomping at the bit to leave. It all happened so fast, I don't think it sank in what we were really doing until I had jumped off the DQ, ran over to the Southern Belle, and then saw her come gliding up beside us. Then reality set in, and I realized we did it! She's on her way!

              Hope to see you again soon Pat!

              With the lock closure at Wilson Lock & Dam, I wouldn't expect the DQ into NOLA until around Good Friday or possibly even Easter. She's on "river time" now and "NCP" applies!


                Thank you, Ed, how wonderful to see her moving again even if not on her own. God willing, and with the help of the Senate, House of Representatives, the courageous new owners and her many supporters, we look forward to seeing her traveling the rivers under her own steam, paddle wheel churning and that glorious whistle proclaiming her return. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!!


                  video of the Delta Queen moving once again

                  Facebook at l 45 today with photos. Delta Queen stopped at Hales Bar Mile 430 Tenessee River then left for Nickajack Lock about noon.The Wilson Lock will not be open until March 28 as it is undergoing maintaince so the towboat operator I think the towboat is named Herron is going to stop an wait till the Wilson Lock opens up an I guess that is Saturday.Lots pf pictures an I saw a little speech by Cornell Martin so check it out everyone and MORE updates are coming soon. CHECK IT OUT CAROLE MATTHEWS Pompano Beach Fla 33064


                    Sigh of Relief

                    Thank you, I'm so happy to see this. I hope to see her once more in Louisville, and to hear her beautiful calliope play again.


                      Delta Queen Steamboat On The Move Once Again

                      As of 55 minutes ago she was at mile 292 on Tennessee River. Expected to pass through the Wheeler lock at Noon today March 27 and the Wilson Lock named after President Woodrow Wilson on Saturday March 28 They have a Google earth map on the Facebook site if you want to see where exactly she is.They said they will be sending photos soon and the towboat the Herron has to stop to refuel I think it was Paducah which wont take very long. Aroound 1231 miles APPROX to go. Carole Matthews Pompano Beach Fla 33064 She is expected to be in New Orleans between April 2 to 5 for her long awaitd major renovations. Good luck and applause to all those involved. excuse spelling


                        Delta Queen Update

                        She is at 274.5 on Tennessee River as of morning of 3-28. She is located just below Wheeler Lock and is waiting for instructions from Wilson Lockmaster with the ok to proceed. She is about 16 miles downstream.The Wilson Lock is to be open at 6 PM CST today and more updates when available Carole Matthews Pompano Beach Fla 33064 Check Facebook for some great pictures.


                          Delta Queen Update

                          18 min ago morning of March 28.Wilson Lock opened 7 AM. The DQ is next in line an will be proceeding near Florence Alabama within next 2 hrs.Check Facebook for some great pictures an Google earth map showing her locations as she proceeds towards New Orleans. Carole Matthews Pompano Beach Fla 33064


                            Delta Queen Update March 28

                            She has cleared the Wilson Lock is at approx.mile 259 She is on her way to the Picwick Lock and expects to be there between 6 an 6 thirty tonight.Thanks to all the fans along the shoreline and at the locks who came out to greet her as she passed by.Isnt it fantastic to see her on the water again? The JE Herron Towboat is doing a great job and she will be in New Orleans soon.Carole Matthews Pompano Beach Fla 33064 THATS 6 to 6 thirty CST Thanks for reading.


                              Towing Question?

                              Question from the back of the class in DQ 201:

                              Does the entire DQ rig (DQ+barge+towboat) fit in a single lock chamber? If not, how is the tow managed through a lock or set of locks?