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    first view of the DQ

    I was going through my Picasa file looking for something unsuccessfully, but I came across this picture of the DELTA QUEEN as she was laid up at the Rock Island levee from Sept. 17-26, 1954, that infamous time she 'ran through herself'.(see .org archives for extensive thread on this situation). This was the first time I ever saw her, as it was her first foray onto the UMR. When and where did YOU first see our QUEEN?

    When and where did YOU first see our QUEEN?
    April 1995, NOLA - Memphis Cruise with Doc Hawley as Captain, and Marcy as Riverlorian. We "raced" the AQ from Vicksburg to Memphis.



      April 28, 1970.....Kentucky Derby Festival Great Steamboat Race.....from somewhere near Duffy's Landing.


        I think it was 1948. The boat was open to the public for inspection at Louisville and my grandmother took me with her to see it. The most impressive thing to me was the gleaming brass grand staircase. I saw it many times over the years but it was 2003 before I had my first trip aboard her.
        -Jim Herron


          March 17, 2007--after three decades of waiting, my first view of the DQ. We'd been in NOLA a few days before, but never caught sight of her until we were ready to board. BTW,Our Taxi Driver had a hard time finding the DQ as she wasn't really at the "Julie" St. location, but at the one between it and Robin St. Fortunately someone at Robin St. told him where, as the security guy on the street claimed the boat behind the building wasn't the DQ (I saw her and knew she was there, but that didn't count, I guess!). Anyways, we made it through security (I kidded the guys about no metal detector, so one of them held up his cell phone and made beeping noises--"Satisfied?" he asked. )
          Can't seem to get the photos in the right order! read them right to left! :)
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            Summer of 1947 at Greene line terminal Cincinnati, the DQ stopped on her way to Dravo Pittsburgh. Not yet made into a real Ohio River boat. Her wheel was still under cover. Second view was 1948 at Cincinnati after conversion.


              After being taken on an afternoon field trip as a (4th grader?) on the Jonathon Paddleford diesel replica steamboat , that would have been.... let's see... 70ish?

              The school had no idea they would mess up one of their students for life by doing this.

              I snatched up all the historic steamboat books I could carry out of the St. Paul public library.

              My family recognized my sickness and took me down to Lambert landing where the QB was docked which was just out of biking range for this young lad.

              Now that was a darn steamboat!

              Everything seemed right except the single smoke stack which annoyed me.
              No ornate feathered stack like steamboats are supposed to have. You know how kids can be about their superheros. And the pilot house was more modern than I had hoped.

              I never saw that big wheel turn or saw her breath steam. But usually the St. Paul press would have a story on her as she left being escorted south by the Paddleford.

              After that, I MADE someone with a drivers license take me down there when the DQ was there.

              In an effort for life to taunt me years later, my dear wife in around 1981 or so was at work in So. Cal where we lived (along side that Mark Twain in Disneyland --- just sayin'), and some guy came around selling oil paintings.

              One of them was of the DQ!
              So she bought it for me and when I looked at it, Wow it was a perfect representation of the DQ! - except for one thing....

              It has two smoke stacks! Not only that, but they are one behind the other and sage green to boot!

              If the artist went to all the effort to paint the DQ correctly, why get the stacks wrong?

              Nevertheless, it hangs in our spare bedroom now high up in the forest and mountains of Colorado. (Hi Lex!)

              Just yesterday I was looking at that oil painting and thought I should take a picture of that and post it up on this board for you all to see.



                First View of Delta Queen

                Re your post Ron Johnathon Paddleford still operating since 1969 and there is a showboat apparently docked there called the Centennial,Not too many showboats still left.Goldenrod in St Louis and Majestic in Cincinnati. Long live the iconic Delta QUeen. Carole Matthews


                  And here it is.

                  Get a load of the horse drawn FedEx trucks!
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                    The theory about that second stack in the painting is that the photo the artist worked from had a powerplant smokestack on the other side of the river (hidden by the boat) & the artist just didn't know any better!


                      Jumping over to the boat from the Greene Line wharfboat is my first remembrance of the DELTA QUEEN. This would have been in the mid 60's. My father and I would not go up the gangplank onto the head of the DQ, but we entered through the port side door forward of the engineroom. I was knee high to a grasshopper. and it seemed as if it was a hundred feet down to the swirling Ohio below.
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                        I have pix of the DQ in St. Louis looking like the Titanic with the stacks of the power plant in Illinois behind her. I also have the MQ with maybe 2 stacks and 2 scape pipes near Robin St. thanks to the old power plant there. There has to be a good reason for such a mistake, considering how accurate the rest of the painting is!


                          Like Ron Anderson, I was taken to the "Jefferson National Expansion Museum" (now just the plain old History Museum) on several school field trips back in the early 70's. I knew all about the DQ and other boats but hadn't caught up with her yet. I almost positive it was 1981 at one of the first VP Fairs in St Louis I finally got to see her, AND the Mississippi Queen too. It was an exciting day. There was a guard at the gangplank that I tried to sweet talk into letting me aboard to no avail. I sat on the wharf wall just looking for a long time then I got my break, a NEW guard. I saw about 5 or 6 older women (probably younger than I am now but whatever) carrying bags with the boats on them heading to the gangway. So, I just walked up to them and started chatting and the guard looked at their boarding passes and I walked right on with them, told them is was nice talking to them and kept on moving. I was ON the boats. I spent the next several hours walking all over both boats, taking pictures and having a ball. After I went everywhere I could, I started opening doors that said "no admittance" and checked out other stuff. I went to the gift shop and bought some stuff including a book and spent about all I had. I met a really nice old guy that was a musician on the boat. I think his name was "Jeep" but I don't know for sure. He was super nice. I talked with him for about an hour. He invited me to join him for dinner too. I fessed up I had snuck onboard and wasn't supposed to be there. He just laughed and said "tell them you don't have a seating assignment and that I have invited you. nobody will know the difference". I chickened out on that deal though. However, they opened a little bar on the top deck and I hadn't had anything to drink in about 5 hours. I asked for a soda hoping I had enough to pay for it. The girl told me no, we only do specialty drinks, want a pina colada? Well, being 17 years old and offered I took it. Then some guy gets a pitcher of beer and she wouldn't take cash, apparently it charges to your room. Now I was concerned, again. The bartender was super nice. She filled out his ticket and then told me we'd just fill mine out and be done with it. Well, I had "accidently" picked up a cabin key because I liked the chain so, I pulled out the key and gave her my cabin number, and ordered another drink!

                          Anyway, I did leave all the cash I had left for her tip and got off the boat. It was a wonderful experience and I still have the book and the keychain. And, I still love the river and the steamboats. I have the pictures but no clue how to get one attached here. Sorry to ramble on.


                            the perfect personality!

                            Rob, where have you been? What a wonderful story of bravery and sneaking onto and around the boats! I'm more of a 'liberator' and 'purloiner', and most of us on here have a few skeletons in the closets regarding our boating experiences, collections, etc. Thanks for sharing your adventure.


                              That was a close one.

                              It's worth saying again because of the minimum character limit in posts.