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DELTA QUEEN SOLD! - Official Press Release

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    DELTA QUEEN SOLD! - Official Press Release

    It is with great honor that I get to post the following:



    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (Feb. 16, 2015) – DQSC, LLC (dba The Delta Queen Steamboat Company) a Delaware limited liability company, Tuesday completed the purchase of the Legendary Steamboat Delta Queen from TAC Cruise, LLC (aka Xanterra Cruise, LLC) a Delaware limited liability company.

    The legendary Delta Queen began service as an overnight passenger vessel in 1927, carrying passengers, cargo and automobiles between Sacramento, Calif. and San Francisco, Calif. After a brief period of service in the U.S. Navy during World War II, the vessel was sold as war surplus to Captain Tom Greene, owner of the Greene Line Steamers of Cincinnati, Ohio. From 1946 to 2008, the Delta Queen operated as an overnight cruise vessel along many of the prominent river and waterways running through America’s heartland, including the Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, Cumberland and Arkansas Rivers. Later on, the vessel operated as a dockside hotel in Chattanooga, Tenn. from 2009 until 2014.

    “My partners and I are thrilled to be taking this critical first step toward the preservation and restoration of this important piece of American and river history,” said Cornel Martin, President and CEO of Delta Queen Steamboat Company. “We look forward to the day when the Delta Queen will once again be able to ply America’s waterways and allow passengers to relive the experiences of Mark Twain and his unique cast of river characters from the decks of a true 1927 steamboat.”

    The Delta Queen is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is classified as a National Historic Landmark. The steamboat has also recently been designated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as a National Treasure.

    “Our goal is to have the Delta Queen return to cruising America’s waterways in 2016 following extensive mechanical and hotel renovations,” said Martin.

    For more information and updates, please "like" and visit the Delta Queen on Facebook at the "Delta Queen Steamboat Company" Facebook page.


    About Delta Queen Steamboat Company
    The Delta Queen Steamboat Company was founded in 1890 and originally known as The Greene Line. The company’s name changed in 1974. The company is made up of several long-time supporters of the Delta Queen steamboat. The mission of the company is to preserve, restore and return the legendary Delta Queen to overnight cruise service through the inland rivers of America’s heartland.

    I know that I'm being pedantic, but the company in 1890 was not known as Greene Line Steamers. That name did not come into use until around 1904 when the Greene family along with Capt. Orville Noll purchased the upriver holdings of The White Collar Line. At that time Capt. Gordon Greene moved his family to Cincinnati from Newport, Ohio to manage the new concern which was incorporated under the name Cincinnati, Pomeroy, and Charleston Packet Co. Capt. Noll shortly thereafter stepped away from his original roll of president of the corporation, and the Greene family became indelibly linked by name, capital, muscle, and brains to the business.


      God Speed the Delta Queen!

      It goes without saying that this is the greatest news to all of us that have been following this dilemma that the Delta Queen has been in. Congratulations to the new owners and all the people that helped make this happen. I will not try to name names because there are too many and I would not know all of them anyway. I am sure that all of us following this discussion board will continue to support as best we can to contact the necessary politicians to get the paperwork passed. Thank you Phillip for posting the Press Release. God speed the Delta Queen!


        Great News!

        I'm so glad! I caught this news by surprise, and was absolutely delighted! I hope she can return to the rivers as soon as possible, and cannot wait to see a reunion with her and the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE, and hopefully also the JULIA BELLE SWAIN. The fact that they're both getting heavy upgrades and may return soon means that steam has definitely rebounded as of late. If the congress finally passes that bill, we can get two beloved overnight steamers back on the water, topped off with a 100 year-old boat, and another authentic sternwheeler on the upper Mississippi. Any clues on where the port will be? -ML


          Delta Queen Sold Official Press Release

          This of course was good news but was expected. It would be nice to have the DQ redone at a great expense however she will go nowhere with out Congress approval.Apparently it is left up to the remaining ones to do this as I have been silenced. Thanks for reading Carole Matthews Pompano Beach Florida 33064 PS From what I was advised Congress approval may take years.....and years.



            Originally posted by carole matthews View Post
            Apparently it is left up to the remaining ones to do this as I have been silenced.
            You have been silenced? This posting just appeared. Did you not do it? Sorry Carole if you have been offended with our attempts to explain how this message board works, but no one has silenced you, but you yourself. Feel free to continue posting.


              Delta QueenSold Official Press Release

              Dear Judy Thanks for your timely e-mail an that is exactly what I meant. I may post occasionly but this site much to the dismay of Franz Nuemeier is not exactly running as it should an he is aware if this, That is all I am going to say except good luck to my favorite riverboat The Delta Queen. Carole Matthews Pompano Beach Fla 33064 Have a nice day.



                I didn't send you any email, Carole, but hopefully we'll soon have the bills presented so we all can be emailing our Congressmen urging their support of the DQ exemption bills.