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Saving the Delta Queen

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    Saving the Delta Queen

    The Delta Queen has arrived at the shipyard and is scheduled for a complete overhaul! Yes its true! Now that I have your attention I have to add that its only a model. This DQ model is owned by the Cincinnati Historical Society and is one of several in their collection that I am going to be cleaning and repairing. This project has been financed by a grant from the Muster Foundation and the DQ is the first to get the refurb. The total project will probably take me all year, as there are about 10 models to get the treatment. Two of them are the Howard built packet Cincinnati and an Island Queen, both built by the late Charles Cason. The collection also includes two Mississippi Queen models - a tiny one and the gigantic model that I understand was once exhibited at the Cincinnati International Airport (CVG)

    As for the DQ model in my workshop, it is about 40 inches long overall and was built to a scale of 1/8 in. to the foot. I don't know who the builder was , but when I removed it from it's base I found a business card for councilman Jim Cassell. Anyone know anything about him? On the back of the card is a 1975 Bengals football schedule. I'll be glad to post some photos of the model but I'll first have to learn how to do that.

    I hope the restoration of this little model proves a good omen for the full-size DQ. As Capt.Fred Way once said " Coming events cast their shadows before".

    Displayed where?

    Where had this model been on display, John?


      *MQ/DQ models at CVG Airport*
      Hi, John, Judy and Steamboating colleagues.
      WOW! I was hooked and hooked good when I read the opening posting on this SAVING THE DELTA QUEEN until I read John's explanation and disclaimer RE: work on the MQ models.

      I pawed back, scrolled down finding the thread 'MQ DRAWINGS' posted by George Burch. We kicked it around with follow postings with Bill Judd, me, others discussing the display of MISSISSIPPI QUEEN, now and then DELTA QUEEN models in the old Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati (CVG) air terminal years ago before the big, glossy and very expensive air terminals were built. DELTA QUEEN CO. roated those models around several times outside of the steamboat/Victorian restaurant for exposure to the traveling public. That was also in tandem with the 'bogus' bell from a steam locomotive touted as the bell salvaged from the last ISLAND QUEEN following the explosion, fire, loss in 1947. Wasn't so. Last time flying in and out the only thing at the airport I saw of any connection of steamboats and Cincinnati was a big, generic, color poster sign illuminated from behind showing the DQ's pristine bright red wheel spashing on a summer day--but no reference to the boat by name. Times certainly have changed.

      John, like you, I have never learned posting photos/graphics direct on suggesting you and I get a 'tutorial.' I 'thought' there was a click tab to get the information and how, but can't find it now. HELP!

      R. Dale Flick
      Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.


        Judy, It wasn't on display but in storage along with all the other models that i'm going to be refurbing. If it was ever displayed I don't know where that would have been. The CHS does plan to put all the models back on display but I don't know any specifics about that yet.


          Anxious to see a photo of DQ model but, saw no humor in your "hook".


            *Jim Cissell/Model restoration/"Hook?"*
            Morning, John & Steamboating colleagues,
            John, interesting what you found in the hull of the boat model. This similar to what many of the old time steamboat builders in crafting those fine hull models, inserting letters, papers, coins inside. Yet, some half-hull models when opened contained nothing.

            I don't know about any "hook" here with "no humor", but I do remember Jim Cissell well--very well--as you found his card. May not be "pure steamboats" but Jim had quite a legal/political career here for years: Circuit Probate Judge, Clerk of Courts, Cincinnati City Council - 1974-1978, Vice Mayor 1976-1978, U.S. Attorney State of Ohio. On and on with you getting the idea. Jim always pro Cincinnati, pro Ohio and pro river interests attending a number of civic/DELTA QUEEN commemmorative events; but nobody to fool with as he 'suffered fools not.' Again, what do I know?

            R. Dale Flick
            Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati - Cincinnati Civic Associations, Seasongood Good Government League delegate. Speaker on behalf of the DELTA QUEEN initiative before Cincinnati City Council, writer of initial 'Tall Stacks' proposal.


              Dale, the "hook" I referred to are the first three sentences in Johns message. It's just that it's been so long since there's been any good news concerning the future of the DQ. Then, to read "she's arrived at the shipyard for a complete overhaul"! I liken it to the doctor calling to inform you that your wife suddenly, and unexpectedly recovered from a seven year coma and then says,"just kidding". This topic is one I tend to take very seriously. I'm sure we all do. It was early in the AM and it struck me the wrong way. Sorry.


                Delta Queen Riverboat

                I rather hesitate to post.Seem like everytime I do I get shot down.However where the grand an iconic old Delta Queen which is my favorite riverboat is concerned I just have to say something. It may take quite awhile to get her back on the water.This is really where she belongs. I think if we are patient that day will sometime come.I would hope soon.I am sure no harm was meant by saying the little model was going to the shipyard so to speak and I hope the big one will go to get refurbished and made all pretty again. Now lets promote the one that is setting in Chatanooga Tenn and get her going again. If anyone wishes to shoot me down again go ahead I can take it. Carole Matthews Pompano Beach Fla 33064 A big hello to Bob King in California an Keith Norrington in Indiana BYE and to all memebers on this site. Sorry forgot you Franz.Bye again


                  *Now I get it*
                  Hi, Greg,
                  Thanks. Now I 'get it.' At first "hook" threw me off looking to see where a "hook" was. Happens and I'm just as guilty as the next. Cheers! Cincinnati's Jim Cissell one savvy guy with law, City Council, other positions. Those were interesting days back then.

                  At this point, I think we ALL are interested/curious about the DQ. Several ship/boat journals arrived with little to no word on the situation with the DQ now. Again, what do I know?

                  R. Dale Flick
                  Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati


                    *Got your nice card/note, Carole*
                    Hi, Carole,
                    ALL postings here I read with interest like a 'letter from home.' Received your kind card/note on NATCHEZ note card. Thanks!

                    Presently running around like a squirrel packing up, closing things down for departure Saturday AM for our month-long blue water cruise returning in March. Cheers!

                    R. Dale Flick, Coah Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati


                      The "hook" in my first post was only intended as an attention getter, nothing more. I guess it worked!. I'm just as eager as everyone else to see the DQ back on the rivers again. As for the model, I've been trying to add some photos to this post to no avail. Help, someone! I get to the step where it says to upload and nothing happens.