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    Judy, for the record, I have never considered you a "dumb cookie lady" nor have I ever figured any member of this community an idiot. I simply conveyed my opinion on the matter at the time.

    ACL has obviously seen fit to spend the money which I consider a wasted investment as I don't believe it will have any bearing on the ultimate outcome. If the DQ sails again or does not, it won't be for the $40K that ACL spent.

    Originally posted by Judy Patsch View Post
    IT PASSED!!!!!!
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    Posted By Tim Rubacky
    Judy, I don't imagine that any operators,...


    I don't imagine that any operators, current or prospective, consider or view the DQ as a competitor so I highly doubt that any of those operators would have spent any time or money lobbying...

    Yep, I'm just a dumb cookie lady who doesn't have a clue, and I'm sure he figured most of us on the board are idiots.

    (This was my comment to which he was replying:
    My internet is spotty here so I couldn't view any of the proceedings, but I understand there was a lot of BS spewing forth from someone who sees the DQ as a competitor. Obviously the falsehoods he put out need to be corrected and this information disseminated to the Senators to preclude his misinformation campaign succeeding there.)


      Hi Tim,

      How are things with Communications at Prestige Cruise Holdings? You're back in your element once again where you can stand in the water, look down and see your feet.


        Originally posted by Frank X. Prudent View Post
        Hi Tim,

        How are things with Communications at Prestige Cruise Holdings? You're back in your element once again where you can stand in the water, look down and see your feet.
        Frank, that only happens when you're not up to your ears - LOL!

        I'm actually in a new and different role at PCH, working on the international side of the business which is a nice change.

        I do miss my big, beautiful Queen, she'll always hold a special place in my heart.




          HB 1961

          Here is the text of the reply I received from Rep. Andy Harris who represents the 1st District in Maryland.

          Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding your support of H.R. 1961, which exempts the Steamboat Delta Queen from modern fire code standards. As a Representative of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, home to some of nation's most active waterways, I see first-hand the joys and hazards of recreational boating activities.

          As you may know, H.R. 1961 was put to a vote in the House on Wednesday September 25th, 2013 and passed 280-89. I was one of the 89 members who voted against this measure. I opposed the bill because it applied only to the Delta Queen and was "earmarked" legislation, and also because of the safety risks associated with waiving fire code standards. The risks associated with not having a passenger vessel up to modern fire code standards were sufficient to cause the United States Coast Guard to oppose H.R. 1961. I believe that allowing a passenger vessel that does not meet the modern fire code requirements to carry individuals and families could place people in danger, and if the fire code needs to be changed then it should be updated for all vessels.


            Well, at least we know who bought and paid him off! Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.


              Jo Ann,

              Don't worry about what you said. The truth will set you free! Wether some people on these boards like it or not. We all know the truth and the fact this is a issue stemming out of a Maryland representative reguritating the same aimless, meaningless deep sea rhetoric as their House Rep did just proves it.

              However, I will go one step further and say that karma comes back, even in the corporate world. The good karma we have been putting out for the DELTA QUEEN will win this fight in the end. Regardless of the countless thousands of dollars that "you know who" is spending to thwart our efforts. Good news is we don't have to spend any of OUR money on HIS boats.


                Don't worry, Save the Queen

                With social mediea the way it is and all the great publicity the Queen is getting and the lies some are spreading. It will pay off in the long run. As they say loose lips sink ships, and lips spilling lies will sink ships. Stay the course and we will see the Queen rise to the glory of victory. Encourage folks to spend their money on the real deal and the big bullies will sstep aside in defeat.