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    God, how could anybody say stuff like that? Some people must live in a parallel reality! I grew up watching my father add safety systems to the Delta Queen. Sprinklers, alarms, fire drills, even live-in firefighters!


      Originally posted by Carl Jones View Post
      In my last news letter from the National Trust for Historic Preservation was a note that they were supporting the Delta Queens return to the Rivers. The National Trust has some pretty influential people on its board and staff and should be great allies.

      As the old Churchlady on Saturday Night Live would say, "Well, isn't that special?" I don't trust The Trust at all. During 2008 thanks to The Trust's then President Mohs, there was no effort to support the DELTA QUEEN. It is commonly believed that Mohs and Rep. Oberstar were buddies and Mohs did not want to do the honorable thing and support her ladyship. Last September the representatives of The Trust didn't even show up in Chattanooga for a prearranged media event announcing The Trust's supposed support this time for the DELTA QUEEN. I wonder if this backing out at the last moment has anything to do with The new arrangement between The Trust and The American Queen Steamboat Co. For each new booking on the AQ The Trust is given $5.00. To me incorporating Dale's phrase with one from The Bard, "What do I know, but me thinks there is something rotten in the state of Denmark," is appropriate.