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Group wants to buy the Delta Queen and put her back on the rivers

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    I don't think anyone should take offense at what you have written. You are the only one here now that is speaking from daily experience about the joys of rescuing, owning and operating a steamboat. You unlike anyone else has your money where your mouth is. You know first hand the damage that a non-profit organization can do, and how it was a non-profit organization that let the CHAUTAUQUA BELLE fall into near ruin. If someone is offended by the thuth, pity them.


      Save the DQ 2010 news releases

      It made the WJ this week, and since Doc is mentioned second only to Rintz, it would seem that at least his name could be spelled right. So Vickie, if you read this, it is Clarke, that is ClarkE with an E... Doc is currently near Washington DC trying to raise capital for the purchase. Nah, actually he is up in Joppa MD this week visiting brother Ken and family, so if anyone is trying to reach him, you'll just get his dulcet tones on the answering machine for a while...


        Minimal article on KARE11 here in the Twin Cities: Steamboat could return to Mississippi River | Minneapolis and St. Paul |


          One bad thing about this article is that it alternately pictures the Delta Queen and the American Queen and lists them both as the Delta Queen. At least they should get their facts straight.

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            Pitman Arms

            Yah, there are two Pitman arms and other apparatus from a steam boat (SS President) sitting in a field in St. Elmo, Ill. Doubt if after sitting in the openfor several years that they could be any good though.


              Well, that was a tease, considering that Stephen's post about the pitman arms was responsible for reviving a year old, dormant thread. :O)