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Chattanooga Free Press Article on the DELTA QUEEN

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    Chattanooga Free Press Article on the DELTA QUEEN

    Hey all,

    There is a new article about the DELTA QUEEN and her fight for survival in Chattanooga which has great information about her possible future.

    Please read and comment on this article and lets help the effort to preserve her. For if she is not preserved, there is no hope she will ever run again! When you read the article you will see they are talking about the preservation of her mechanical features as well as the hotel! Talk about a win/win situation!


    Press article

    Travis, spoken from the heart! Indeed, pause must be given for those who know not the true history of the Legendary Delta Queen. I read with careful concern both the positive and unfavorable statements in the Chattanooga Press about our beloved old steamboat. I understand both points of view, the passion and devotion of those who have experienced the vessel on an intimate and enduring level, and the ambivalence of some who have never shared that which we cherish. Surely though, those who care not for or even dislike the Delta Queen being at the city riverfront have their own special historical icons that they love...that renovated old hotel downtown,the grand old ballpark, or the fabulous world renowned aquarium, to name a few. Those tangible things which locals embrace as forming the City of Chattanoogas' identity. I can understand how some may consider the Delta Queen an "interloper" or newcommer to their riverfront,perhaps seeming to insist on the attention of all. I see it in another way... The Delta Queen holds a special place in American History, that is undisputable. A complicated series of events led her to be tied to a wharf in New Orleans, in danger of neglect and waning passion. An entrepreneurial spirit from Chattanooga acquired the rights to the vessel and announced the grand old steamer would make her home on the beautiful Tennesse River at the wonderful City of Chattanooga. Those of us who love the old boat cheered and were jubilant at the news, Chattanooga! The perfect place for the boat to rest and to be cared for. Chattanooga, the true heart of Southern Hospitality, rich in history,a city indeed born of the river. Surely here she would be welcomed more than any where else!
    Every where the Delta Queen has traveled, she has steadfastly paid her way; indeed, the hundreds of river towns she and her sisters have visited have benefitted greatly, especially Tennessee, cities and towns like Memphis, Nashville, and Chattanooga. Here and now she seeks only for the intuitive and forward thinking people of Chattanooga to realise that a new jewel has been added to the City of Chattanoogas'crown, it's up to them to embrace it if they like. Perhaps that same entrepreneurial spirit that brought downtown Chattanooga out of the fog of 15 years ago and molded the riverfront into the wonderful place it is now has been stirred to action again, this time, by carefully weaving this Legendary American vessel into the beautiful, still- growing tapestry that is Chattanooga. While other cities nonchalantly adorn their riverfronts with gaudy taverns or rusting barges, the entrepreneurial spirit of Chattanooga has recieved the the most traveled, best known and most reveered steamboat in American History, The Delta Queen! Touche'!
    The Delta Queen demands nothing from the people of Chattanooga, on the contrary, she offers much...For those concerned about the needs of education,she seeks to teach school children of the area of that important part of American history, of when rivers were the highways and when steamboats plied the waterways. She is a living, breathing icon from those days gone by, one that local children will be able to visit, to touch, to experience in person as they study the river history of their city and of the nation. Local children, when reading "Tom Sawyer" or "Huck Finn" will be able to go down to their riverfront and visit this beautiful old steamer,and be able to make that important physical connection to the past. Every city has quaint as well as fancy modern hotels, but Chattanooga has a truely unique place to "step into the past" aboard the Delta Queen! She continues to generate increasing revenues and paying taxes as people around the region discover her presence and has become just another great reason to visit Chattanooga!

    Beauty is indeed in the eye of the casual beholder, but it lies even more so buried in the perceptive heart of men. As The Delta Queen now joins the steamboat replicas on the city riverfront, the fleet is complete!
    The hopes of many Delta Queen friends is that folks in Chattanooga will realize that the boat intends not to be a burden but a graceful and benevolent friend to the people, paying her own way, sharing her history, until the day she is embraced with pride!
    To Lee Ann and Randy, you are the "Greene Family" of this chapter in this very important part of the Delta Queens'life, bless you, keep the faith, she will repay your efforts a hundred fold!

    Captain Mike Williams


      Boggled mind...

      Chattanooga has a history of having an inbred mentality. Thia is why Atlanta was able to leap ahead after the Civil War. Since I moved here almost 4 years ago I have discovered how small minded some of the residents are. With some of the comments made by these people I feel The Queen needs to be moved and get a home that will welcome her, Chattanooga doesn't deserve her. I even think it would be good if she went back to California, I bet they would have her running her old routes, they tend to preserve their history. I only hope the people of Chattanooga will see the jewel they have and the visitors that come mainly to see the boat. I give tours to people from all over that say they came just to see the Delta Queen not Rock City or Chattanooga. These people venture out and spend money visiting Chattanooga and enjoy. I personally am greatful to have the Queen here. She allowed me to see a passion I didn't know before. As the saying goes "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!!"