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Operating Boats vs. Running a Boat Co.

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    Operating Boats vs. Running a Boat Co.

    I do not want to go off topic from Steamboat For Sale, but Capt. Lexie made a point about owners. It hit me the other day and I expressed this to our General Manager. Those of us on the boats are trying to operate those boats to best of our ability. "The Office" is trying to operate a Boat Co. This is two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT things and one often gets in the way of the other. While those of us on the boats are aware of cost, we are also concerned with other things also. Things like keeping crews and equipment safe, maintaining equipment in top running order, training new crew and trying to get the most out of a crew without completly wearing them out.
    The boat Co. is concerned about only one thing, MONEY!!. Safety is only a concern due to the cost of accidents. The human factor does not enter into their caluations. Equipment is only considered when it prevents a vessels movement.
    This is not to say that there are not caring people in each group, it's just that the main goals are different.
    I do think it is possible to achive all sets of goals but requires an outlook and attitude adjustment on all parties. I douth most, in both sides of this industry, want to be bothered as long as some "Profit" is found on both sides.
    Having expressed this to our general manager, I did it nicely, I wonder how much longer I will be working here.

    Hi Fred,

    That reminds me of the discussions we used to have with a certain AQ captain over whether the AQ was a boat which happened to have a hotel on it, or a hotel which happened to have a boat under it.

    The answer that that question would decide if he were a captain or a cab driver. I always voted for "captain".