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One man can stop the extension of unemployment benefits

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    Well said Bruno. My friend I am referring to is not a steamboater. So none of the participants on this board or on board the DQ are the party I speak of.

    I do believe that someday cooler head will prevail (I think we have to believe that in order to maintain our own personal sanity today). But I don't know how long the DQ can wait.


      Bunning and politics

      Hi All - not only did Senator Bunning single-handedly hold up people's unemployment, he also slammed the Delta Queen in 2008. He told reporters: “They ought to clean up their act before they come and ask for the exemption." He was one of the biggest opponents of the boat.
      However, some politicians saw the need for giving the exemption, including then-Senator Obama.
      So let's not throw all the bums out, just the ones who oppose our boat.
      re. politics. I do not like to fight about anything, especially religion or politics, but we have to find a way to talk about things or the problems just get worse. One of my favorite people in history said: “Collective problems must be solved by all of us, collectively, and no one finds inner peace who avoids doing his or her share."