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One man can stop the extension of unemployment benefits

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    One man can stop the extension of unemployment benefits

    I'm sorry, but I am chuckling at all the hullabaloo over Bunning (one man) has caused in Washington the last few days. Is this not the same thing Oberstar (one man) has done to the DELTA QUEEN and all the jobs she created and the revenue she brought to the little river towns?

    Jo Ann,

    Senator Jim Bunning makes me embarrassed to say I am from Kentucky! I am sure Minnesotians are proud of ol' Oberstar, after all, only one town in his constituency was affected by the loss of the DELTA QUEEN and look at all the money he brings home to Minnesota! Bet he and his family have a good Thanksgiving with all the trimmings in their warm house in Minnesota with all the bribe money the SIU gives him! Oops...did I say that?

    If the DELTA QUEEN situation has taught me anything it is this...the United States Government is the most corrupt government in the history of the world! It is sad to live in a time where you can't even trust your elected officials! They will sell your career off for a bribe, give all the jobs away to foreign countries, and then try and take your unemployment benefits away from you. What is gonna happen when the politicians and their cronies have all the money and there is nothing left for us? Get ready, that day is upon us and quicker than you might think! It is coming in my lifetime, that is for sure!

    Oh, and .....Save the DELTA QUEEN!



      Thanks Travis. I know you feel better now that you have gotten it off your chest. ;-)

      You mention the most corrupt government - I would add the most corrupt govenment hiding behind being fair and honest.

      As I have said to others in private, I just hope that middle America is still this mad in November. Our only hope is a total "change" in Washington, no party lines here - just clean house of ALL of them!

      And then hope that the new guys will learn to use whatever health insurance the rest of us have and the same social security income, not their favored kind they have padded themselves with. Also term limits and retirement age limits should be in order. These are not career appointments. Many in Washington have totally forgotten why they are there - they are so caught up in their ego trips! Senator Evan Bayh was correct in saying "it is broken", but he's not willing to take a stand and make a difference by ruffling any feathers. I've already been brushed off my his office....

      And thanks, yes, I feel somewhat better now that I have gotten it off my chest too...


        Oh yeah, and then maybe the new guys will see the error of the last bunch of Congressmen and pass a permanent exemption for the DELTA QUEEN!


          Rest assured, that, as a Minnesotan now, I am NOT proud of Mr. Oberstar. And many Minnesotans feel the same way about him.


            Thanks Jon. Maybe come November he'll be one of those that thinks the job in Washington is a life appointment will be surprised to find out that it's really not!


              Travis: one thing is for SURE. The cause of the situation is folks like you and me! WE are in charge and if we voted for them, or stayed away because "it won't make a difference" or "don't want to get my self dirty" messing with politics, I won't say we get what we deserve, but we harvest what happens near every time! If we do not stay informed and vote accordingly, this is what too often happens. We do NOT serve them...they serve US! When they don't, when they make sweetheart deals for themselves, it is OUR responsibility to turn them out. What is chronicled here is nothing new. Too many officials have been elected to bring home the "bacon" to our particular interest group to the exclusion of other groups. Representative government at work! This is what we learned in civics class at school and too many of us paid no attention until we "woke up". The other thing that we too often forget is that the media is NOT in the business of bringing us the news, they are in the business of making money by selling advertising...a legitimate enterprise...but it PAYS well to remember that they are NOT in the business of bringing us the unbiased news. Cap'n Walnut.


                Remember, it was "Cappy" Louden whom often said, "We have the best damn politicians that money can buy!"


                  Frank: And, Mark Twain said there were two things it did not pay to know too much about: Making sausage and laws! There is a whole lot you might not like the sound of in both! Cap'n Walnut


                    Well, hopefully someone is paying attention.

                    Received from Geoff Davis today.

                    GEOFF DAVIS
                    4th District, Kentucky

                    DEPUTY REPUBLICAN WHIP

                    WASHINGTON, D.C. OFFICE:
                    1108 Longworth HOB
                    Washington, D.C. 20515
                    Phone: (202) 225-3465
                    Fax: (202) 225-0003

                    HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                    WASHINGTON, D.C. 20515 COMMITTEE ON WAYS AND MEANS
                    Subcommittee on Trade
                    Subscommittee on Select Revenue Measures


                    Congressman Geoff Davis : Serving Kentucky's Fourth District
                    Dear Mr. Adams:

                    Thank you for contacting me with your support for the continued operation of the Delta Queen. I appreciate the opportunity to provide you with an update on this issue.

                    As you may know, the Delta Queen had received congressional exemption from the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) law for over forty years. The exemption permitted the Delta Queen to continue operating despite its wooden superstructure. This exemption expired in November 2008. Previously, the Majestic America Line, the Delta Queen's operator, had announced that operation of the vessel would end permanently with the expiration of the exemption. As a result, in support of the Delta Queen I co-signed a letter to all members of the House of Representatives in support of the vessel's continued exemption.

                    On April 24, 2008, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 2830, the authorization bill for the Coast Guard. During debate on this legislation, Congressman Steve Chabot [OH-01] introduced a measure that would have extended the Delta Queen's exemption. Largely because of the opposition of the chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Congressman James Oberstar [MN-08], the measure failed on a mostly party line vote of 195-208. I was proud to support Congressman Chabot's motion.

                    On December 3, 2008, Republican Leader John Boehner [OH-8], Congressman Chabot [OH-1], Congresswoman Jean Schmidt [OH-2] and I wrote to President George W. Bush asking him to issue an Executive Order that would extend the Delta Queen's exemption for SOLAS. You can read that letter here Unfortunately, no action was taken by President Bush before he left office.

                    Most recently, on October 21, 2009, Congressman Baron Hill [IN-09] attempted to offer an amendment to the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010 (H.R. 3619). His amendment would have authorized continued operation of the Delta Queen. Unfortunately the leadership of the House of Representatives, the House Rules Committee refused to even allow the amendment, which enjoyed my strong support, to even be considered by the full House.

                    I will continue to closely monitor this issue and look forward to future opportunities to support continued operation of the Delta Queen.

                    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts on this important matter. Please do not hesitate to call me at (202) 225-3465 if you have any further questions or comments. I encourage you to stay up-to-date on what is going on in Congress and the Fourth District by signing up for my weekly e-mail newsletter at Email Sign Up : Congressman Geoff Davis.


                    Geoff Davis
                    Member of Congress


                    Congressman Geoff Davis : Serving Kentucky's Fourth District



                      I use this site to enjoy the dream of life on the river and of riding grand examples of majestic travel in America (riverboats). I try not to think about our government, I have had my share of assistance from Senator Alexanders office. But, this was not him persay as it was those who work in the office for him. After the Delta Queen came to rest (hopefully temporarily) in Chattanooga. I went and steped onboard and fell in love. Now, it makes me sad to go down to the river and see her tied like a dog on a chain. I have signed petitions and spoke to Alexanders office and I fear that this great boat will never get to sound her wistle again or turn her wheel to roam the rivers. The government cares nothing about these vessels due to they make no money to support their egos. The Tea party is a place we should voice our cries, as they are growing in power with each passing day. I will be the first to say, they do scare me a little as seeming on the extreme side of things. Although, this might be what we need to see the Grand Ladies travel the rivers again. Sorry, I dont mean to offend. this is just my feeble mind rambling. MAY ALL THE QUEENS RUN AGAIN, TO ALLOW ALL TO SEE THEIR DREAMS COME TRUE!


                        In my way of thinking, it should be against the law the have "one man" hold up anything, be it the exemption the DELTA QUEEN needs or unemployment benefits. The system is broke for sure. Extreme to the left or to the right does not make a great nation, but something down the middle. And our law makers seem not to be able to govern that way any longer. I worry about the future for our children, grandchildren and our nation. As a long time friend of mine who is a staunch Democrat said recently "wish we had another Ronald Reagan".

                        Keep your fingers crossed, keep believing and keep trying to convince Congress that saving the DELTA QUEEN is a good thing. How can the union even be invited back on if she doesn't have an exemption to run?


                          Staunch Democrat? Hi there...Deb and I are both pleased to meet you...though both of us are so far in the middle as to not really be "blue guys" anymore....

                          The sad thing about this for me and Deb as middle leaning Democrats along with all our non-rabid Republican friends on the other side of the fence, is that we all agree that this Country's politics have gone sick, gone toxic...It USED to be that the two sides debated, with incredibly good legislation churned out as a result. Not any more, the only purpose of government today is to shout/SCREAM to the other side of the aisle is "NO, YOU'RE WRONG, now what can we do to hurt you, how fast can we kill you?...... When did it our government stop being healthy? I've read a cr-pload on this, experts say it got sick with Ken Starr...

                          Don't think so? Since when is being a liberal a bad thing? Since when are democrats the only ones who "Tax and spend"? Our founding fathers were liberals in the true definition of the word, so was Lincoln. Who is responsible for making "liberal" a four letter word, and when exactly did that occur?...hmmm....

                          Makes me gag, makes me wanna puke, makes me sad, tears really, please keep this in context that I used to be the killer liberal, raised in the early '70's, earth day, draft card, McCarthy, Vietnam, Women's Lib, Robert Kennedy and all that...Not sure who to blame here, but media, including the EIB and FOX networks come first to mind.

                          And it's not gonna stop until we all take a breath and vote the idiots out...And we all stop listening to the Excellence in Broadcasting idiot. Amazes me that he is from a river town...

                          Am I embarrassed that a Democrat, actually two, stopped the DQ? You bet, in spades...However I look at past political actions for/against the DQ and this issue of the DQ not running now is not entirely a democratic issue, when you look at the big picture, past votes toward the exemptions over the years. Is the guy from Minnesota my favorite person? No way, but I don't blame him totally for this mess, the red side is to blame too...

                          Jo Ann, you're my friend and you know I'm a tad, actually a lot, set in my political ways. The forum is well aware that I can rabid at times, but hey...Oberstar is not the only person to blame here...

                          And Bunning? He's just wrong, clueless... My personal hope is that when people see that they are slowly becoming better off as time goes on, especially in personal finances, that this ridiculousness will come to an end.

                          And the DQ? Until cooler heads prevail within both parties, and people talk, go out to lunch, buy each other drinks, and start shaking hands again, she's gonna stay stuck in Chattanooga...


                            Hi Bruno,
                            When the DQ sails again and, you and I find ourselves enjoying an adult beverage in what we both consider to be our favorite place in the world, the Texas Lounge, let's agree never to talk politics. O.K?
                            P.S. The first round's on me.


                              Greg, my friend...second round is on me...

                              Funny story, I've tried my best to stay away from politics when on the DQ/AQ or MQ...however I got into a real roundy-round once with a relative of the DQ navigational staff, funny it was initiated by that was definitely a "Danger Will Robinson" scenario, and I stopped talking, stepped back a bit and said "You're my friend but right this second I need to get a beer"...

                              In all fairness to the relative, the discussion opened my eyes a bit, witness why a lean a bit to the right more and more each day.