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    the dq\'s bell

    All I know about the DQ's bell is that there are dozens of stories about it... Fred Way and I stood by it many years ago and he told me it had been on the Queen City, that it was not true that it had 100 pesos melted into it,and the Greenes had got it from a salavge yard in either Ohio or Kentucky, and that it had a twin sister! By my stripes, Fred Way told me that, I remember the moment well! Capt. Mike


      The Reynolds's are recently back from a vacation to East Tennessee, and while in that area we paid a short visit to the DELTA QUEEN in Chattanooga. I will echo what Jon Tschiggfrie has said on his blog, and what others have posted here on the message board: the boat is in good shape and in good hands.

      We met Bill Wiemuth and Laura Sable between their evening Orleans Room show and their performance in the Texas Lounge. And, who should be aboard that evening but Capt. Mike Williams! We enjoyed a nice visit with him as well as Capt. Harry Phillips. Bill reports that occupancy is good, and that former steamboaters have patronized the boat quite well. Even the bow Watchman seemed to be very knowledgeable about the boat and sincere in his belief that she would run again.

      I can report that the pilothouse has been uncluttered due to the removal of two radars. We did not go into the engine room. All in all, the boat looked good. We sincerely hope that she won't be in this situation for long and will run again soon.