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DQ HOTEL September 10th, 4 nights...

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    DQ HOTEL September 10th, 4 nights...

    Deb and I just booked, we feel we need to support the Legendary One...It's important, it is, really...

    Wanna join us?...time to put your money down, time to put your money where your mouth is, don't you think? Come-on let's fill the boat...

    OK, sign in, are you going? We'd like to know...If you need help in reserving a room, e-mail

    We're going too. Like you, we want to support the DQ as well as just see her again. Another chance to wear all those Delta Queen tee shirts! Join us, folks.


      Ginnie, you and Ralph, hot damn...I've had e-mails and phone calls that other members of the Gang will grace the ol' girl with their presence...

      This should be interesting...You know I got slammed pretty hard on this forum for criticising people that I felt had robust BS and Parlour Talking factors...

      Now is the time! You truly believe? It's time to book! No hard feelings, I'll buy the first one in the Texas, and I will personally allow you to tell me how full of it I am...

      Wear your PSSOA pins...and a smile...


        We will not be joining you because we have reservations for a few nights the week before--stopping on our round about way south from Peoria. We're anxious to stay on board since we had reservations for the April 1, then April 15, then May 15 opening. Unfortunately we cannot stay there on the way to the UMR because we travel with our daughter dog. We'll let the DQ know she can expect all y'all