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    You can help the DQ

    I am attaching a copy of an email I sent out today in support of the permit. Right now, this is the best hope we have of preserving the DQ and keeping her living and breathing as the historic icon we all know and love. Please help if you can.

    Thanks - Jennifer

    Attn: J. Ruben Hernandez
    Regulatory Branch
    3701 Bell Road
    Nashville , TN 37214-2660

    Dear Mr. Hernandez,

    I am currently working with the Delta Queen Hotel, and lucky enough to be a former employee on board the boat when she was plying the rivers. So often in times like these, rumor and speculation are broadcast to the public as fact with little impact, but in this case, false information could severely impact the ability for the partners who are working to open the Delta Queen as a hotel. Mr. Phillips and Mr. Slome, have invested so much time and energy and money into taking this historic old boat and making sure that it's historic status is maintained while doing what it takes to tie the boat into city services in a "permanent" docking situation so that the boat and the barge to which it is attached , are able to operate safely with the rise and fall of the river without impacting those lines which are tied into the existing boat systems from the shore.

    As a "steamboater" I am so grateful that Mr. Slome and Mr. Phillips are working to protect our boat and that people in the Chattanooga area as well as tourists will get to come onboard and meet this lovely old boat. It is my greatest wish that this boat return to the river, but since that means Congress has to take some action, I do not hold much hope. However, I am watching everything happening on this boat with the thought in mind that this boat will return to the river, and it will stay as historic as it ever was so that people coming on board will still "step back in time" on board the Legendary Delta Queen.

    Attached please find a statement of fact as to the status of our permit.

    Thank you so much for your kind attention.

    (from Bill Wiemuth)
    I urge send you this letter in strong support of the City of Chattanooga 's application (#5169500) for a permit to allow the Delta Queen to remain docked in Chattanooga , Tennessee at Coolidge Park and open to overnight hotel guests. As the last American overnight paddlewheel steamboat, the Delta Queen must be preserved and remain open for the public to experience.


    As the last of her kind, the Delta Queen represents a fascinating era of American history that encompasses our country's early transportation history, western expansion, the Civil War, and much more.

    The story of the Delta Queen itself is extraordinary. She first began cruising in June of 1927 and traveled for 13 years on California 's Sacramento River . From 1940 to 1946 she served her country as a U.S. Naval vessel during World War II. Auctioned after the war, she was towed more than 5,000 miles from California to the Mississippi River and enjoyed another six decades of service on the Ohio and Mississippi River system.

    Although currently restricted by Congress from cruising, the Delta Queen at Chattanooga 's Coolidge Park will still enable visitors to enjoy much of the steamboat experience. The operators there are committed to preservation and will maintain the boat without alteration to its historical integrity. They also have planned a learning program which includes welcoming school groups, offering daily guided public tours, weekly historical lectures, and the steamboat tradition of the steam whistle and calliope (steam-powered organ). A stay onboard will connect guests back to the days of Mark Twain with riverboat-style accommodations, entertainment and dining.


    In addition to becoming a cherished historical and cultural treasure for the community, I also believe the Delta Queen's residency in Chattanooga will provide significant economic impact. The Delta Queen is a nationally recognized tourist attraction. She will attract visitors who will boost the local economy via shopping and dining, and generate sales and hotel taxes. In these challenging economic times, this venture will be locally owned with revenues reinvested in Chattanooga , create new jobs, and support local service providers.

    I ask you to approve the City of Chattanooga 's application (#5169500) and issue the permit to allow the Delta Queen to remain docked in Chattanooga , Tennessee at Coolidge Park and open to overnight hotel guests.

    There is a discussion going on on the background on whether one should request the Army COrps of Engineers to hold a public hearing regarding the mooring permit. To make it short: I personally think this is a big mistake; I've posted some explanations to this on See: "A public hearing will not help the Delta Queen"


      Here is the link to the questions and answers about the DQ that was put together for the Corp of Engineers which hopefully addresses most of the questions and concerns.

      Delta Queen Hotel - Chattanooga, TN - boutique hotel, steamboat hotel, dining, entertainment and more!

      Then click on Questions and Answers and it will bring up a PDF file with questions, answers and pictures

      It's also on Bill Wiemuth's website.


        Thank you for all of your updates today, Jennifer. I feel much better knowing that you are there watching over our Lady. Feel free to call me anytime for any assistance I can provide.


          My computer won't let me open it. Could someone print it out here someway?



            Jo Ann and others, I saved the PDF as a text file which you can read here:


              Thanks, I got it. Wonderful, well written. What more could Captain Phillips tell us to assure us that no intentional harm will come to the DELTA QUEEN? He's actually posted terms of his lease right there for all to see! All objections should vanish now.

              I just wish the opening hadn't been postponed. I've got to go through Chattanooga next weekend and it would have worked out wonderful for me to have spent Friday and Saturday night on the boat!