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Update from aboard the Delta Queen

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    Update from aboard the Delta Queen

    I heard there was a growing curiosity here on about the Delta Queen project in Chattanooga. Let me gladly be your eyes and ears here on the boat.

    I have been on the boat here in Chattanooga for the past two weeks and a lot is happening. These guys are dealing with a huge project, but they are heartfelt and dedicated to preserving this boat and keeping it open to the public.

    Yes, we all hope the Delta Queen will cruise again, but until that day comes, I am very thankful for her not to be rotting away at the dock in New Orleans. I was aboard for the trip from New Orleans to Chattanooga, and I can tell you from the time I left the DQ in November to what I saw in February was shocking. A boat untended can go to ruin so quickly. Due to an enormous amount of work and TLC here, the Delta Queen is looking as beautiful as ever.

    Let me get some updates from the operators and workers about the current projects and I'll post here in the next couple of days. If you have specific questions, feel free to email them to me at and I'll find out the answers. I will also be posting further details and photos on my blog at Delta Queen Blog.

    I miss you all aboard the boat. Laura and I will be performing and lecturing on the Delta Queen through July and hope to see you here in Chattanooga.

    Bill, THANKS so much for your effort. Hopefully this will calm the restless natives. And I hope to see you and Laura soon.


      Delta Queen and city utilities

      Another floating restaurant was previously at this same dock here at Coolidge Park, so connections to water, sewer, electric, natural gas, (and even cable internet!) are readily available. So far, everything is operational except the natural gas, and they are to hook that up this week.

      All of these connect through flexible cables or hoses that can adjust with the slight level changes in the pool of the Tennessee River behind Nickajack Dam.

      Also, they are all designed to be quickly removable in the event the Delta Queen is able to return to overnight cruising.

      I've also posted photos on my blog at Delta Queen 2008 Season Blog


        Delta Queen looks great

        The boat looks better than ever. Shining and gleaming. Even the cabin doors have been varnished and the doorknobs polished! All the handrails have been sanded and varnished. The interior is sparkling. Even the exterior decks and the smokestack have received fresh coats of paint.

        When I boarded the boat in New Orleans for her relocation to Chattanooga, I was shocked at just what can happen to a boat sitting over just a few months. She looked pitiful. Much love (and money) is being dedicated to restoring the Delta Queen to her rightful glory.

        I've posted some photos on my blog at Delta Queen 2008 Season Blog