I feel there is a real contridiction and conflict brewing where the Delta Queen is concerned. When she was sailing and had crew aboard, there were ways to get information concerning what was happeneing on, and to the boat. This was often circulated "underground" or by sternline telegraph. Not always made "public" knowledge but the operators of the boat knew that what happened on the boat was know by many. Maybe the "deals" of the boardroom were not know, but what happened on the boat was.
People who cared about the boat could keep up with what was happening with her. These were the same people who were asked to support her during her times of need with the different exemptions and a large number of them were considered "Friends of the Boat". All this time she was still a privately owed business operation but at least the vessel crew and officers were still aware of her effect on those "Friends". Much of this was due to a shared love of the boat.
Currently the boat is still a privately owned business but there is no one to maintain the sterline telegraph. Some of this is due to the fact that there is no crew of any size aboard her to give out information. In my opinion, note: my opinion, the present caretakes could give a damn less about the community of STEAMBOATERS who have a true love and caring for the Delta Queen. I will grant you that they are under no obligation to "discuss" their bussiness with anyone outside their orginization. However, if they had any true understand of what the Delta Queen meant to so many, many people. The same people other owners have asked and relied on to help keep the boat operating. If they truly understood what this boat meant to a great number of people, I would think that there would be some desire on these owners part to seek the good will and total support of this group of people. Will it pay off in dollars? I can't promise that. Is dollars really all the Delta Queen is about? Is she really just business? I can not give you accountant facts and figures, but I don't thinks.
Regardless if it's a concern about the sewage, what the menu will be, or what shape the paddle wheel is in. If it's kept a secret or STEAMBOATERS are unable to get facts, rumors and supposition will arise. Look at the conflicts that have already gone on.
Again, the present caretakers have no obligation to keep a group of people who care about their business informed, but would it really be that risky or bad business to keep a group of people who love your product informed of what is happening with the object of their and your affection?